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" cake; Drunk " cherry;. How to prepare?

I Decided to prepare some cake. Very long ago I did not cook cakes. Such fine range is offered by our shops. And here suddenly all wanted house. I rummaged the chubby old archive and found for the forgotten recipe of " cake long ago; Drunk " cherry;. Decided it to remake a little. And here what from this turned out.

When you in shop see beautifully decorated pie or cake, usually always ask what basis. I personally always so do. The biscuit - a smetannik will be a basis of our today`s masterpiece. I remember, it was my first experience of the childhood - we with the sister learned to bake these simple cake layers. And structure simple, are also baked quickly.

Cake layers it is necessary to bake two. One - with addition of cocoa and therefore it will be brown color, the second - without any additives, and it will be gentle - yellow creamy color. Two identical demountable forms, or one are necessary. But then it is necessary to bake cake layers in turn.

Recipe of cake layers simple: in total on one glass - sugar, sour cream, flour. Plus two eggs and half of a teaspoon of soda. It needs to be extinguished a lemon or vinegar. In total. Now it is necessary to shake up properly all this the mixer. To oil a form, to powder slightly with a semolina (that cake layers were well taken out) and to pour out the shaken-up mix in a form. It is the first cake layer. The second - the same plus a tablespoon of cocoa. Cake layers within 30 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees are baked. Put in a cold oven.

While our cake layers are baked, we prepare a stuffing. At first a glass of the fresh, frozen cherries or cherries from compote - all without stones - we fill in with vodka or liqueur, rum. So that berries in it floated. Let gain degrees. And we will be accepted to cream production.

For this cake it is possible to use different cream - condensed milk with oil, scalded or any other. This time I prepared cream according to such recipe. At first welded sweet dairy kissel. On a glass of milk of a half-glass of sugar and 1 tablespoon of potato starch. Kissel has to be dense. Mix completely cooled down - added 100 more g of the softened butter there. Shook up to foam and sent to the refrigerator to stiffen.

Cake layers were completely baked by this time. As soon as took out a form from an oven, put it on a wet towel, and so far a cake layer hot, take out from a form. Will cool down - it will be much more difficult than it to take from there. Now the most interesting - formation of a culinary masterpiece.

We cut off from each cake layer very accurately a bottom. 2 / We leave 3 cake layers, we cut off one third and we cut these thirds on pieces. As a result we have a mountain of fragments and two chopped off cake layer. Cake layers - top and a bottom, and ruins need to be mixed with cold cream. And only then very accurately to enter there drunk berries. Vodka or other alcohol with cherry juice can be used for impregnation of cake layers, it is possible to add to cocktails and a tax as an independent dish.

So, the design of cake looks so: we stack a napkin for cake on a beautiful dish, we put the lower brown cake layer. Cream with cherries is very accurately placed on this cake layer, we level, and the light cake layer takes the place of honor from above. Now remained absolutely slightly - slightly - to include the imagination and to decorate a tasty dessert. This time I kindled chocolate on a water bath, covered top and spread out halves of a fried walnut. Chocolate very imposingly flowed round a cake layer, giving to cake aristocratism and allure. To transfer taste of cake in words quite difficult. It is divinely tasty! Only let`s cake become impregnated. At first hour three in the room, then in the refrigerator.

Enjoy! It is very tasty!]