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Domain name in Russian? Easily! Part 2

of Advantage of national domain names

- convenience to users. It is much simpler to key and remember a domain name in the native language;

- the problem of a limit of domain names is solved. It is simpler to find a beautiful and free name in the native language, than in Latin;

- convenience to authorities and citizens of the country. Business management in a state language facilitates work;

- development of a brand. Identity of the personality or the company is fixed, allowing domain names to reflect trademarks in the native language;

- a possibility of perception of names of the websites aurally opens new opportunities for advertizing and advance the Internet - business.

Shortcomings of national domain names

- process of development of standards and rules of registration continues still;

- cannot organize e-mail addresses in national languages;

- not all browsers support code conversion of national domain names;

- national domain names promote a phishing and cybersquatting.

Opinions of IT - experts

of Opinion of IT - experts about Russian-speaking domain names, as always, were shared. Some consider that users already so got used to the existing writing of web - addresses Latin that the need for Russian-speaking domains already came to naught. Others call idea of multilingualism of domain names - the most idiotic of all innovations of the Network. The third are afraid that introduction of national domains can violate the concept of the Network as uniform space.

Russian-speaking domains

Domain. ru - the first Russian-speaking domain of the first level designating belonging to Russia. Are created also domains. lump , . is not present , . org . By the way, suffix . ru uses in logos more than 30% of the websites of the RuNet for a long time.

is So far registered more than 12 thousand Russian-speaking domains, and the quantity of the websites with the Russian names increases every month by several hundreds.

Examples of the operating Russian-speaking domain names: domains. ru, shots. ru, Alsou. ru, Tinkoff. ru, philosophy. ru, customs. ru, president. org, rosniiros. ru, Kremlin. ru, RBC. com.

Registrars of Russian-speaking domain names

registration of Russian-speaking domain names carry out Now more than 10 registrars: Ragtime, Peterhost. RU, E - Style ISP and others.

What documents regulate functioning of domains in a zone. ru

Technically Russian-speaking domains function according to Rules of registration and administration of domain names of the second level in a zone. RU and according to the standards approved by ICANN: RFC3454, RFC3490, RFC3491, RFC3492.

What provides resolution of domains in a zone. ru

Resolution (resolving) of Russian-speaking domains in the zone . ru (as well as other multilingual domains), it is carried out by means of standard browsers with use of a plug-in of iClient™ according to the standards RFC 3490, RFC 3492.

How to check whether your browser works with Russian-speaking domains

Gather domains in an address line of the browser. ru also try to carry out transition. If your browser supports Russian-speaking domains, then the website ru / will be loaded.

What to do if the browser does not support Russian-speaking domain names

It is necessary to install a plug-in (expansion) to the browser, for example, of iClient. At the moment the v 7 version is available. 0, you can download it at the link i - dns. net/iClient. exe. Install a plug-in, having started the iClient file. exe. After installation a plug-in “ registers “ in Automatic loading , it is possible to turn off automatic loading of a plug-in, and to start it as required manually.

At click by the right button of a mouse on the iClient badge (on the panel of notices) the context menu appears: iClient V7. 0 Help, About i - DNS. net, Update iClient, Disable iClient, Close iClient. At click by the left button of a mouse on the iClient badge the menu appears: Default Encoding, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Indian, ISO8859, Code Page, Vietnamese.

Though Microsoft declared that the Internet Explorer 7 browser. 0 completely supports multilingual domain names, by default this option is not included and after inclusion works not absolutely correctly (in comparison with iClient plug-in).

. ru or. Russian Federation? Whether Russian-speaking domains have a future?

Now instead of the domain. ru it is created the domain. the Russian Federation , goes testing of the new domain now. Andrey Romanov, the director of the Coordination center of the RU domain , declared on a press - conferences in Moscow that the Russian-speaking domain. the Russian Federation can become available to testing by the end of 2008

to the Cyrillic domain. ru preferred . the Russian Federation because of existence in the last of a letter F, rare for other alphabets. Use of the second option will help to avoid big confusion to which threatened the domain. ru which Cyrillic tracing in accuracy coincides with the Latin name of the domain of a Paraguayan zone.

Body which will be responsible for administration of the domain. by the Russian Federation , it is not defined yet. After commissioning of the domain. Russian Federation , domain. ru cannot be used at registration of domain names on Cyrillics.

The CEO Hosting - the RBC Center Sergey Molchanov looks at introduction of the Cyrillic domain positively too: “ Introduction of the domain. the Russian Federation it is expedient since, in - the first, it is favorable and interesting to the companies which pursue the interests in the Russian-language market. In - the second, as the number of domains in the zone . ru already stepped through one million, and the majority of attractive and interesting domain names is already occupied, opening of the Cyrillic domain gives the chance to everyone to receive the necessary name in the new Russian-speaking " segment;.

Short recommendations about use of Russian-speaking domain names

1. Do not use the Russian-speaking domain as the main for the website.

2. Register the Russian-speaking domain as additional (auxiliary).

3. Do not make considerable investments in development of the brand based on the Russian-speaking domain.]