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God - is uniform? Bakha yesterday and today.

In the article What struck winter Chicago with? I mentioned the most beautiful temple Bakhai - in North America it is only. The temple was under construction more than 30 years, from 1921 to 1953, but looks as new. In the world there are only 7 temples of followers of belief of a bakhaa (in India, Australia, the USA, Germany, Panama, Uganda and in Israel). The temple in Chile is under construction.

Never before I heard anything about bakha (though in Russia there is quite numerous community), did not know about existence of such religion, and the story of the person who showed us the temple was very interesting. Houses I attentively studied the prospectus received in the temple Bakhai and, of course, saw a set of materials on the Internet. Most of all I was attracted by the principles which are preached by this religion. I briefly will list them:

1. God is uniform for all religions and all mankind. As the founder of religion Baha`u`llah wrote: ... people of the Earth, to whatever root or belief they belonged, derive inspiration the of one heavenly Source and serve one God .

2. The mankind is uniform in the variety. Any prejudices dividing people - racial, national, class, religious, political - have to sink into the past.

3. Men and women have to have the equal rights and opportunities. Because the dignity of the person in the opinion of God depends not on a floor, and on purity and an ozarennost of heart.

4. The religion is urged to be in harmony with reason and science. If the religion is opposed to science, then it becomes only a prejudice because the contrast to knowledge is ignorance.

5. The true religion represents a source of love and friendship, is urged to unite people, but not to create between them hostility. The religionism and hatred are fire devouring the world!

6. Each person is capable and obliged to look for independently truth, he should not accept traditional or new doctrines blindly.

7. All people have to have an opportunity to get a full education and education.

8. The world needs the international auxiliary language which would facilitate relationship between the nations. Then to the person would be to know only two languages enough - native and international.

9. Creation of the world federation of the people is necessary for achievement of a universal peace and a consent on the planet.

When you will ponder upon these so modern postulates, there is a thought that the religion of a bakhaa is created quite recently, presently. But it arose in the middle of the 19th century and exists more than 150 years. Of course, term small, in comparison with other main religions.

The young dealer from Shiraz (Persia) Siyid Ali Mahomed known under a name of Women became a harbinger of new religion that means on - Arab Gate . On May 23, 1844 Women proclaimed fast appearance of the Envoy Boga expected by all people of the world. According to him, it was the carrier of Divine revelation, and its purpose - to prepare mankind for new Yavitel`s arrival, the Messiah, the Envoy. (It is very similar to John the Forerunner`s appearance, and then Jesus Christ in Christianity). But the Islamic clergy at once began persecutions on the Woman and his followers. He was arrested, subjected to castigation, and in July, 1850 is shot on a square of the city of Tabriz (Iran). Later terrestrial remains the Woman were transferred to Israel, to the city of Haifa where on Carmel`s the mountain the majestic tomb is constructed. From 1844 for 1863 in Persia about 20 thousand followers the Woman were executed. But, as often happens, death the Woman and prosecutions only strengthened many people in justice of new dogma.

The native of area Nur in Persia (Iran) Baha`u`llah was the most firm adherent and the successor Baba who is called the founder of religion of a bakhaa now that in translation means God`s glory . Its real name Mirza Hussein Ali. Was born in 1817 in the rich aristocratic family conducting a sort from ruling imperial dynasties of Persia. However Mirza Ali refused the wealth and the power put to him by origin and became famous among the people for the generosity and affability. Having shared lot of many of a bakhaa after death the Woman, Baha`u`llah lost all the property and possession, was arrested, subjected to cruel tortures, and then is sent to Iraq. In 1852 the imperial government of Russia offered Baha`u`llah a shelter, but he preferred Baghdad. By the way, the first house of worship of a bakhaa was constructed, strangely enough, in the territory of the Russian Empire, in Ashgabat in 1908.

During an earthquake of 1948 it was strongly damaged and in 1963 is blown up.

Having been in exile in Baghdad, in 1863 Baha`u`llah declared that he is Yavitel of Divine revelation which was promised by Baba, i.e. Envoy Boga. After Baghdad there were exiles to Constantinople, Adrianople and at last in Acre - the city in 14 km from Haifa. There, in the town of Bakhdzhi, slightly to the north of Acre, he also died on May 29, 1892. During references Baha`u`llah wrote a series of messages to heads of the different states of that time where declared the future association of mankind and the basis of a world civilization, urged to settle the disagreements, to reduce arms stocks, to direct energy to peace-making around the world.

Adherents of a bakhaa esteem Baha`u`llah as the last Envoy Boga along with his predecessors - Abraham, Moisey, Buddha, Jesus Christ, Zarathustra, Mahomed, Krishna and Baba. Belief of a bakhaa (from Arab Baha - magnificence) unites more than 5 million people in 188 countries and in 45 dependent territories now. The sacred writing of a bakhaa is translated into 802 languages. The Bahai Faith is recognized as independent religion along with Christianity, Islam, the Buddhism and other world religions.

In belief of a bakhaa there is no clergy as each person, according to Baha`u`llah`s doctrine, is capable and obliged to look for and perceive spiritual truth independently. Where there are bakhaa communities, for management they elect in the democratic way administrative councils. And at world level management is performed by the World House of Justice.

The world community of a bakhaa has non-governmental organization - the International Community of Bakhai, the representing their interests at the UN and leading active work in different programs, generally in the field of human rights, increase of the status of the woman, moral education and environment protection.

I wish all pure belief in a victory of reason and justice!]