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Where to hide a grist? House and apartment.

In the first article devoted to this subject we stopped on a question of psychology and mentioned that if someone looks for something purposefully, then will surely find. As all of us are law-abiding citizens, we will not hide something from authorities. And, like money, jewelry, candies and alcohol, we will try to sort unpretentious, but rather effective options of hiding places for storage of small things in more detail. It is useful to know all this also that who hides also that who looks for not to offend both parties.

So, yours opponent - your second half. For a start look round around and find natural hiding places, such which are already ready to use and demand application of a minimum of forces and time. You in the house have a refrigerator? Paper a subject or a foil and put in the freezer. It is possible to go further and to freeze a subject in a chicken carcass or to thrust into forcemeat. The main thing, then not to receive dear food as it happened to one my acquaintance. Her husband never prepared, and here suddenly on birthday wanted to surprise darling. One man`s guess is as good as another`s, as he saw a small parcel in a chicken carcass, but the spouse received for dinner chicken - a grill worth 320 dollars.

If the above-mentioned method is too cold, paste an envelope with money or documents an adhesive tape to a table box bottom from below or to a picture from a reverse side and if yours secret is not afraid of moisture - put it in a plastic box from - under films and hide in a pot with a flower or drown in a drain tank. Flat objects like disks and diskettes can be placed between the photo and a cardboard of a photoframe - family photos often stand on a look and do not draw attention. I personally hid cartridges of " group; Gaza Strip in a niche for batteries of the audio system. And a ceiling tile - in general the ideal place for photos and notes, it is only necessary to try not to break it and not to remove too strongly, otherwise the crack will be visible.

Slightly more time is required to hide objects in the closed cavities. For example, in eaves for curtains or in a bar for curtains in a bathroom, in the computer or other household appliances.

Sometimes in apartments there are idle sockets, so it is possible to use them. You pull out socket contents, the main thing - at the same time to follow safety rules, on an outer edge you paste a flypaper or small magnets, you take a front plate from the socket and you fix to magnets. Only do not forget to paste screws to a front plate, and that the socket which is freezing up without fastenings can draw attention. If a wall thick, then it is possible to hollow in addition a little more place, only do not break through to neighbors or on the street.

The system of ventilation provides a bigger scope for the imagination and bigger volume for storage. Tie a subject to a rope and lower in an air duct, and tie the end of a rope either to the lattice or to hammered into a wall gvozdyu, the main thing that outside it was visible not. And it is possible to make in general a false air duct - here it is necessary to watch that it did not draw attention to itself(himself). Make it in advance while there is a repair.

Independently stand emergency urgent options. Let`s assume that you stay at home and you touch the diamonds, and here suddenly the call to a door and should be opened. Where to put treasure? Yes just thrust it into a recycle bin, into a cat`s toilet or just into dirty linen. And if from above to put something not really pleasant to the eye (let the cat will help you or take off socks), then not everyone will want to dig there. After a work involving all hands do not forget to return jewelry to a constant hiding place.

Council for women: most of men hesitate to speak about female hygiene, and to touch laying - perish the thought! Hide the grist in laying and 99% that it there will never get. Housewives can use packages of flour because even the hungriest husband will not begin to bake to himself pies.

And if your grist pulls more than for hundred dollars, it is worth paying attention to more difficult, but more effective options. Entrance and interroom wooden doors allow to organize quite solid cavity for storage chubby grists. The elementary option - to hollow a hiding place in the top board and to put objects from above. Sophisticated option - to make a cavity from below of a door, having taken care of reliable fastening of contents. For access it is necessary to remove a door from loops that is not too convenient, but reliability increases repeatedly. In such a way it does not make to store a small grist special sense, and here on rainy day it is possible to try.

If to pay attention to modern cabinet furniture, then it, as a rule, has small socle closed in front by a wooden level. This level usually fastens two screws at the edges. If to remove screws or at once not to put at assembly, then even the small diplomat will go in inside. The main thing - not to leave marks, pulling out a level. It is very simple to drill a leg of a wooden table. Only be not overzealous that it did not break off during a rough feast.

But rather reliable hiding place has to differ in originality. Be not afraid to dream, only sensibly estimate reliability of your hiding place not only within house grists, but also from the point of view of thieves and robbers. The grist in the household equipment can leave together with it. And the roll of money hidden in a flue can easily go broke together with a smoke if comes to someone to mind to kindle the furnace in your absence.

Good luck to you and that did not find!]