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How to choose the computer and not to be deceived by managers?

Ya the ordinary ordinary manager, my work consist in sale of personal computers. And for me it is very offensive when deceive people who just do not understand equipment. I for myself decided to correct it!

Purchase   computer; - it is a serious step, at any work the knowledge of the personal computer is welcomed and in general is abruptly if you have a computer of the last modification.

So, you came to shop. There are several moments which should be considered that you were not deceived upon purchase:

1. If the manager approaches you at the left (on my supervision on colleagues), he will deceive, or knows nothing about these goods.

2. Pay attention to its appearance if it is not stylishly dressed (but it is pure), then at it it is possible to consult because most often it is the most normal consultants.

3. If he (or it) looked fool in the face and greeted, without twitching, without looking in other party, then this is, most likely, the honest and knowing manager.

4. In the beginning hackneyed words of the " type will be put to use; What interests you? . It is optional to answer immediately you will pretend that you understand and keep silent (well, with a clever look, of course) and at once it will be visible whether approached you the bore - the seller (vparivatel)!

5. All people different, and to each person it is possible to find approach (itself was personally convinced). But be afraid of the questions how many at you children and to that similar, i.e. directed to entering in trust to you (most likely, you it is deceived and will sell a junk)!

The manager has to be open, benevolent and the most important - the honest and good expert! It is easy to check it questions: how many years to your firm how many you work here etc. Learn about it more (but do not overdo). Bring down him from a sale wave but only then ask matters of substance!

Now I want to tell the opinion on deception: if I deceived as often as others, I had no regular customers.

Now, actually, councils for the choice of the personal computer. First of all, for himself it is necessary to decide what is necessary to you the computer. It is not necessary to buy the most modern to be online or watch movies, it is possible to buy average for this purpose. The most important - for itself to define the priorities and requirements. Most of people (who do not understand) consult in shop - it is a mistake, it is better to ask council acquaintances or friends to whom you trust.

Often not understanding people choose the personal computer on design. It, of course, abruptly when the computer fits into a room interior. I in confidence will tell you, the majority of the place in the system unit occupies air! The system unit is as candy, not necessarily tasty stuffing if a beautiful cover.

Monitors happen different: ELT, liquid crystal or plasma. For example, if you want to work only with graphics, then it is better to take ELT. Its minuses are a radiation, big consumption of energy and the place taken by it.

If a priority in games, then it is better to take liquid crystal high-speed (4 or 2 ms). Minuses - the price in comparison with ELT monitors and big sensitivity to blows, and also distortion of the image (if to look at the monitor at an angle), is better to choose more than 90 degrees with viewing angle. From pluses - takes not enough place, small consumption of energy and it is few radiation (at lamp the dangerous zone - in a radius of 80 cm, behind it is even more, and liquid crystal - is no more than 10 have some). If you stopped on the liquid crystal monitor, the manager has to carry out the standard test for check of the burned-out pixels - to include multi-colored prompts and if at least one point gives other color, then it is marriage.

I advise plasma monitors not to take, accepted at the price did not reach high quality, and good models yet cost very much!

The main thing - remember that the choice for you!!!