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Whether it is possible to learn immortality at animals?


Immortality are impossible for the HEDGEHOG because it contradicts laws of the nature - so was considered as centuries, and many of us and still so consider. It`s a no-brainer, sceptics claim that everything that is born, has to die. And meanwhile in the nature the facts calling into question the similar point of view even more often are found.

Watching It to what hedgehog, - scientists say. - If sea, then very much even not everything is clear . And especially unclear to the hedgehog living in the Red Sea - he is, seemingly, almost immortal. The hydrobiologist from Oregon university Thomas Ebert came to such conclusion recently. It does not mean that sea hedgehogs cannot die and that they are completely impregnable, as in the " mode; immortality in computer games. No, they, naturally, perish - both from predators, and from diseases, they are caught by fishermen (judges of Japanese cuisine consider a sea hedgehog by a delicacy), they are ruined also by the changed environment.

But the scientist struck that even no signs of aging are found in the most ancient, most long-living copies. The hedgehog who reached two hundred years differs from a hedgehog ten-year-old only in the big sizes. He does not grow old - he grows. And this growth never stops that, probably, becomes sooner or later a cause of death - it becomes more and more noticeable for enemies.


the Sea hedgehog - not the only living being on the planet who is not able to grow old. Have similar talent as protozoa monocelled (they just share, without leaving a corpse), and some highest animals, such as, for example, the fresh-water hydra known for all from a school course of zoology. She at all with 60 - x years of the last century from an easy hand of the French biologist Bryan who found in it this feature became nearly a symbol of infinite life.

And if still it is necessary to deal with hedgehogs, then the hydra is already studied thoroughly. Life it has no restrictions, she grows to two centimeters and then lives, without changing and without growing decrepit. It is similar to the small biological perpetual motion machine. In the top part of this kishechnopolostny animal, near shchupalets, the zone of constantly sharing cages is located. These young cages gradually move down a body, forcing out former. And so to the sole, under favorable conditions - it is unceasing. Also it turns out that life of a hydra represents not a piece, but the beam which does not have the set limit and going to infinity - she is born only for life.

And though in practice surely something occurs that does not allow it to be begun to live in this world, the hydra potentially is considered absolutely immortal organism. In any case, it is not programmed on aging and dying in any way that is peculiar to the majority of the highest animals, including the person. And if some animal people already began to put monuments, then the hydra deserves it, for example, in Ukraine long ago. And the park for it in Kiev on Dnieper is already available, in a form she reminds volume trizub.


Recently scientists opened amazing talents of animals at all. What the clam - a zhemchuzhnitsa is able to do blows the mind. People for centuries thought that the main thing that from it can be taken, so is pearls for jewelry. But it turned out that, in - the first, the mollusk the same as a sea hedgehog, does not know an old age but only grows, grows and grows, eventually, to what is not able to drag on itself a sink. And inability of to support, and simply - hunger becomes the reason of his death.

In - the second, the mollusks which passed for a centenary boundary not only do not lose reproduction function, but also on the contrary, their posterity becomes more and more numerous. Besides, they find ability to do without oxygen the whole month while the youth can not breathe only a week. Besides, the senior individuals do without food much longer. Then what over the years at them health only increases. And, in - the third, and this the most surprising, parasitizing in the form of larvae on gills of a salmon, the mollusk prolongs life and to it. This unique case of symbiosis was found and investigated by scientists from Institute of biology of development of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Here is how it occurs. The oceanic salmon lives, as a rule, 3 - 4 years. To spawn he swims away to the river and after that, having executed the natural mission, quickly grows old, is ill and in a month dies. But if during spawning larvae of zhemchuzhnitsa get to its gills, fish it is necessary to live and winters in the river. These larvae emit the special substances which are disconnecting the program of self-liquidation of a salmon in its organism, their larval cycle lasts nearly a year, and the salmon is necessary to them live.

The next summer when the matured mollusks abandon the fish - the dwelling, they at parting again inject her some substance, and salmons come back to the sea, and after a while, full of strength and energy, are again ready to float in the river to spawn. And if carries, and new lodgers will lodge in their gills, they will be affected by the rejuvenating injection again. Cases of extension of life of salmons more than are known ten times. Here such happen parasites . And if now someone calls you the similar word, you should not perceive it as an insult at once. Perhaps the person just wanted to tell that you act with the presence on others well, and your neighbourhood only prolongs surrounding life.


The fact that we occurred from monkeys is confirmed also by our unique ability everything to copy from the nature. At birds we spotted ability to rise above clouds and even surpassed them though we have no wings. At fishes we adopted ability to float and plunge in inconceivable even for them depth, and to us to spit on lack of gills. We learned to move quicker than the promptest animal in spite of the fact that it is not provided by our anatomy. We are already capable to see more sharp-sighted than any living being on the planet in addition also in the dark. We seized talent to dig underground such holes that moles if were sighted people, would not know where to put eyes from a shame - such they are laymans. The grasshoppers jumping tens times above the growth in comparison with us who jumped to the Moon just twitch on the place. For the last several centuries we found practically all abilities which were not given us, continue to improve them and to get new.

We long considered immortality impossible, did not learn yet that on Earth it is full of the animals allocated with this ability. Immortality as it became clear, not only exists today, but was norm at all before. And the programmed death which appeared much later was just witty course without which there would be no evolution, and would not appear as a result of people which now takes this evolution in hand.

So, maybe, and to this happy property of animals it is possible to learn not to grow old? To us not for the first time to compete with the nature. Scientists shrug shoulders more and more seldom and even more often speak: let`s try, you never know it seemed impossible earlier? Immortality is worth it that to fight for it. The main thing that it was original and comfortable. And, of course, that the sink of unlimited life appeared to nobody in burden.]