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What currency the firmest? Whether

Reflected you that alcohol and the power - twins brothers? Who owns alcohol - owns crowd. The civilized states always tried to hold production and distribution of alcoholic drinks in the hand.

Where the state dismissed alcoholic reins, the people became an inveterate drunkard. So was in the Roman Empire. Echinoid mittens too did not lead to anything good. In America the Prohibition generated mafia, at us - know that.

Free distribution of alcohol generated devotion to distributing. Before elections of 1758 George Washington ordered to give 10 liters of alcohol to all the voters. Whether it is necessary to say that elections took place successfully...

Wine makers and brewers always stood special high in esteem and respect. They say that in the Middle Ages in Wales consumption of ale approached 8 liters a day. Then in court hierarchy the royal brewer stood above the royal doctor, and the king personally removed test from each new barrel of ale.

At the time of sailing fleet the prevention to a cup was terrible punishment, and pilots at war received hundred grams for brought down . Of course, they were at war not for vodka, but it was the most effective means for removal of the stress caused by war.

All know that liquid currency - the firmest. It is possible to pay with a bottle not only work of the mechanic or driver, but also the huge values which are taken out from our vegetating plants.

In old times owners of the gold mines and fur trading stations surely opened the institutions trading in vodka in exchange for immeasurably more expensive gold dust or sables in the farms. And whether better now?

Alcoholism and slavery - two closely connected the phenomena. In the 19th century in tropical colonies of slaves used for cultivation of a sugar cane. The most part of the made sugar was turned into alcohol, and what was not taken away to Europe, generously accustomed to drinking slaves that it was simpler to operate people.

The most weak-willed and manageable part of the people is the become an inveterate drunkard lowest class .

So strongly the interrelation of alcohol and the power, as in prison is not shown anywhere. Officially alcohol in prison is forbidden, for reasons of maintenance of an intra prison order.

However prisoners invented hundreds of sophisticated ways to bypass a ban. Alcohol for them is a symbol of freedom, a subject of trade and the tool of the power. For anybody not a secret that not only vodka, but also cognac, and champagne are quite available to criminal authorities.

The power and alcohol go in the millennia hand in hand and, probably, are not going to leave. Moreover, sometimes not the power is exercised by alcohol, and alcohol begins to dictate to the authorities the terms. What can be more terrible than the become an inveterate drunkard governor? And how many the major political, economic and military decisions were accepted on a drunk junket?

The authorities become powerless. They hold a little effective events for prohibition or restriction of sale of alcohol from time to time, but at the same time on the TV we constantly observe vodka sale advertizing. And it is unsurprising. The budget of the state in no small measure is replenished with the money gained from sale of alcoholic beverages.

Here also it turns out what to tolerate alcoholism - itself more expensive, and it is dangerous to forbid it therefore we should find golden mean, and treats alcohol soberly, without losing the head.]