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Whether it is possible to grow thin without expenses, or to Wash down this idea with cold water?

In a pursuit of a slim figure - perhaps, such slogan it is possible to describe the epic in which with the eagerness proportional to the level of progress in society, are nowadays dipped with the head young and old alike. Methods of realization of weight loss there is a big set today. Diets often painfully cost the private`s pretty penny pokhudalshchik . Simple not to guzzle sounds somehow unconvincingly and harmfully to it, but what can be cheaper? However, nothing is cheaper happens. You do not eat - you do not spend money - you do not get fat.

We will remember the aunt Sonya - the wisest heroine of Klara Novikova. According to her statements, it enclosed a fortune therefore it does not make sense to grow thin in the figure. Moreover, following logic of the aunt Sonya, it is possible to claim that to make still large sums to grow thin - in general a nonsense. Whether it is possible to grow thin, without spending for it additional resources? Wash down with cold water! - sceptics will tell. Any diet is impossible without special power supply, on that it and a diet . Well, we will try to follow their advice and to wash down with cold water all that we eat. Even not cold - ice.

All know what is calories. Are afraid of them taking care of the weight. The excess calories coming to us from food have property to be laid in store, forming foully the drooping fat. And now time to remember what is calorie as an energy unit of measure came. A system unit of measure of energy - joule. Why also the calorie equal of 4,184 J is necessary? The matter is that 1 calorie is equal to amount of energy which is spent for temperature increase of 1 gram of water for 1 degree Celsius.

Water - the substance possessing very high thermal capacity. This its remarkable property brings to an obvious way of an expenditure of the calories getting to our organism with food. The mechanism of a diet is extremely simple. We use inside ice water. Our organism will - bondage should heat everything that gets to it, up to the temperature about 37 degrees Celsius, spending for it the thermal energy released at course of power processes. The ice diet which was widely adopted enough in masses announces this effect as the basic. Whether so it? Let`s try to find out.

We will count thermal (more true, Holodova ) effect of a glass of cold water to which to us advise to wash down our diet. Heating of 1 gram of water from 0 to 37 degrees Celsius will take away 37 kcal from an organism (we will neglect the fact that the thermal capacity of water depends on its temperature). 200 grams of ice water will demand already 7400 calories. And if you drink per day 2 liters of ice water, then the organism will spend for its heating even 74 kilocalories. Enormously! And it taking into account that the adult consumes with food of calories of times in 30 more! Now you will be able to eat 18,5 g of sugar without prejudice to your figure, or to add 8 g of vegetable oil in salad, or to drink up to 200 g of beer!

Whether lie, eloquent arithmetics? And plus - that doubtful! Some of us, having drunk per day such amount of water, risk to provoke cold and to arrange itself rest in a bed on couple of days. Besides, consumption of the increased amounts of water leads to washing away from an organism of many useful substances and need for their continuous completion.

Supporters of an ice diet advise, meanwhile, to exclude greasy food from a diet, to use water mainly to before meal (appetite so decreases and quicker saturation comes). Probably, read in the childhood the fairy tale about porridge from the axe: these attributes are borrowed from rather the classical diets which cloyed all.

To be fair, nevertheless I will tell that in this diet there are also pluses. It is established that ice water well influences blood vessels and a vermicular movement of intestines, dulls feeling of hunger. But here the statement that it is not necessary to limit itself in meal at this diet in actual fact was a lie - the example of equivalence of an amount of water and quantity of various products is given above.

Summarizing, I will tell: everyone has the right to choose that it is better for it - 15 minutes of fast walking, 6 minutes of run (any other physical activity strengthening an organism), or equivalent to them 2 liters of ice water lying on a sofa embracing favourite chips. I wish to each of you to find golden mean. Life is a chain of compromises, isn`t it?]