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How to increase the salary? How to construct career? How not to become the unemployed?

the Answer to all these questions is found for a long time. As well as all ingenious, it is rather simple. It is necessary to become irreplaceable.

I want to warn you to satisfy this condition, time and 100% devotion is necessary. At first you work for a gain of the status necessary and irreplaceable, and then it works for you, giving the chance to achieve increase in a salary, to climb an office ladder and to exclude an opportunity to lose work. Here several councils how to reach it.

It is necessary to do more than what pay you for.

- If you want to achieve success in a labor field, then you need to fall in love with the work, otherwise it is impossible.

- Before all you come later the others leave the place of work.

- Be not afraid of responsibility, take the lead, show qualities of the leader with a careful eye to reaction of the management, be active, undertake difficult tasks, but only in case you are sure that you will cope.

- Be always ready to get to work even if it is night, day off or a holiday. Make impression of indispensability: you are always ready to work both for yourself, and for others, to perform any work, and to carry out qualitatively.

- Never argue with chiefs, you do not speak to them about their wrongfulness, but always state the point of view, you make offers, placing emphasis on the fact that all this is thought up by heads, and you only analysed, grouped and gave out in one integral option. I assure, effect of 100%.

- Learn to carry out the functions perfectly and strictly in time.

- Be always happy with actions of the administration, at the same time hint that you know how it is even better and finer to make everything, but to you never to cope without support of the wise and professional management.

- Learn to perform work of all the colleagues (it is desirable better them). Should not remain at your enterprise of work which you would not understand. If it is impossible to master completely specialty of colleagues then study elements of their work. At any time you have to be ready to replace any worker (irrespective of a position, it can be the cleaner or even a top - the manager).

- Never open all secrets of the work, let only the result will be visible to the rest. If you need to prepare to yourself replacement, train in the mechanism and algorithm of work, but do not open subtleties, secrets and other creative moments of work.

- Remain a riddle, the worker`s sample, but always you remember that can play not the last role in your success of the colleague therefore find some time for a human interaction with them. Never criticize anybody, always show good nature, look for the best in people, without noticing the worst, it for you will be made by others, try to be sincere, always ready to help.

Carrying out these councils for some time, you will see how your authority grows, and with its growth you will be able already to afford some liberties, to you inaccessible earlier, at the same time to receive a good salary and not to worry about the career.

I wish good luck to you on a workplace.]