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What do we know about trees - signs of a horoscope of druids? Pine.

End of February. The exotic Framework southern gives way to the Pine. Its time in a horoscope of druids from February 19 to February 29 and from August 24 to September 2. Of course, not in a leap-year terms of board is per day shorter in the winter, as well as winter.

Pines are refined and beautiful. The advantages know and are able to emphasize. Love and appreciate the house in which live, apply many forces to make it ideal. And do not float on life " at all; at will of waves and actively influence events. Are able to meet bravely troubles openly . Risk, attack, safely go forward.

Usually do not pay the slightest attention to failures of others, preferring to care only for own wellbeing. But in love are impulsive and sensual where mercantile egoism only disappears.

Are clever, possess good organizing abilities. Under a sign Confucius, Washington, Chopin and Caruso were born.

The name of a tree the pine unites a sort of plants of family of coniferous. There is a lot of species of a pine. In different sources their quantity from 105 to 125 is specified. In any case, it is not less than one hundred in any way.

The Latin name - pinus . Perhaps, name roots in Celtic pin - rock. The pine often chooses rocky breaks, steep slopes of mountains where other trees do not limit a scope. Ancient Greeks proved the name by a legend.

On one of its interpretations the nymph of a morning dawn blond Pitis strongly loved cheerful and naughty god Pang, the patron of fishermen and hunters. But the jealousy of Boreas, god of a cold north was stronger. Out of jealousy it also turned the nymph into the beautiful evergreen tree which received the name Pinus.

A pine - very widespread sort. His representatives located in the Northern hemisphere from the Polar circle to Guatemala, Vest - India, North Africa and Indonesia. And only Merkuz`s pine grows in Burma, on other side of the equator.

Pines - evergreen plants. The majority of types - large, harmonous, high trees with widely placed branches. The krone form changes with age. At young trees she reminds a size, adults have an umbrella. Bark of all types hilly or scale-like.

The needles are needle. Length of pine needles, depending on a look, can fluctuate from 2 to 30 cm with a width no more than 2 mm. Needles of thermophilic southern pines soft. The South American pine of Mantezuma is considered the best-known myagkokhvoyny look, its needles use for stuffing of pillows and mattresses.

Man`s florets are collected by a cone at the basis of young branches. Female - in the cones located in the top part of a tree. The tree dumps mature cones, there is always a lot of them at the bottom of a trunk. Semyon, hiding in cones, mostly winged, but there are types which have seeds - tasty nutlets.

For example, a pine Italian, or a stone pine which nutlets in Italy are called piniol . Zherard`s pine from the Himalayas gives tasty and useful nutlets. And in Russia pine nuts - change of a cedar pine or just a cedar are well-known.

The main advantage from a pine, of course, - wood. It is applied both in construction, and in furniture production. Is rare what tree provides such equal and long trunks.

But also pitch is used. At the time of Kievan Rus` it was burned for lighting of streets, the boiling pitch was poured on the heads of enemies at protection of the besieged cities, pitched it a sea rigging. Today the products received from pitch are used in tens of industries, without them production of camphor, paints, plastic, varnishes, papers, films is impossible.

A pine - one of the most ancient herbs. Its needles were included in structure of compresses and poultices 50 centuries ago about what it is written in cuneiform clay diplomas from excavation of the Sumer cities. The embalming structures with pine pitch used by Egyptians did not lose the bactericidal properties about one today.

In modern scientific medicine pine preparations, mainly as disinfecting, diuretic and revulsives are applied.

A during the Great Patriotic War are developed by the staff of Botanical institute of V. L. Komarov ways of receiving vitamin drink from needles of a pine what many Leningrad residents who endured blockade hunger are obliged by life to.

By the way, one more remarkable history is connected with the city on Neva and a pine. The well-known Cabinet of curiosities began with a pine which lateral bough, being bent, grew into a trunk again. It caught sight to Peter I on Vasilyevsky Island covered at the beginning of the 18th century with a dense pinery.

In a horoscope of druids the harmonous Pine is replaced by Iva. To replace precipitancy and persistence melancholic beauty comes. About it is the next article.]