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The real fish soup - threefold? Different Kamchatka delicacies.

As the fates decree managed to me to visit long business trip on Kamchatka. For those who were not there, can tell one - it is worth visiting and looking. The edge strikes with the beauty. Stately, gray-haired volcanoes tower over forests, and the mountain rivers with transparent, blue water are full of fish abundance. Exactly there I could feel all charm of fishing and unique taste Kamchatka " fish soup;.

Kamchadals - so aboriginals of the peninsula call themselves - are proud of the recipe of the real fish soup. Real Threefold " fish soup; on - Kamchatka is, first of all, a lot of fish and surely clear water of thawed glaciers (in house conditions it can be " drinking water; Arkhyz ) .

It is better to use fish from salmon breeds, type of the salmon, a silver salmon, a chinook, and in principle it is possible any....

So, we clean, we clean if large fish - we cut on average pieces.

we Put it in a pan, we fill in with water and we cook to readiness, we salt to taste at once. Ready fish we spread

from a pan on a dish.

B (boiling) we put the broth which remained in a pan as much again fish, we cook to readiness... Ready fish we take out

from a pan on a dish.

On a dish has to turn out the mountain of boiled fish - we sprinkle all this with small cut greens - onions, fennel, parsley. We give on a table.

In the broth which turned out after two cookings of fish we lower the most delicious parts of fish - heads, paunches.

added small cut potatoes. We cook to readiness. If fish soup prepares outdoors, in 3 - 5 minutes prior to readiness we dip the burning brand into a pan and surely we add 100 - 150 grams of vodka.

Is spilled on plates, we strew with greens, allspice and we give on a table.

And still while fish soup prepares, the fish cleared, salted and rubbed with spices, well wrapped up in a foil, laid in a pole and from above filled up with sand, approximately a layer of 8 - 10 cm under a fire on which we cook a fish soup, in an hour will be worthy addition to to the real " fish soup; - real baked delicacy. Believe

, it impresses! You will lick fingers!

You will be in France - curtail from the autobahn for rest on the Savoy lake or on the lake Annecy. An opportunity to try the most tasty of fresh-water fishes - the lake loach who meets less frequently there will be presented to you.

However and the peninsula Kamchatka can generously present you with this beautiful fish, it is enough arm with a simple, unpretentious rod without bait and in 30-40 minutes you will have enough fish for preparation of the most tasty dish - of the stuffed loach .

The essence of preparation consists in the following:

Fish washes, made an incision at the head from a paunch, and gills are removed. Then it is very accurately skinned - " stocking; it is useful to us, the pulp of fish is separated from bones, then passed via the meat grinder. Add to forcemeat small cut onions boiled to semi-readiness rice, salt and pepper to taste fried on butter. Then the turned-out stuffing is filled in " stocking;. The place of a cut is fastened with a thread or a toothpick. Spread fish on the baking sheet oiled vegetable and bake in an oven at a temperature of 180 - 220 degrees within 30 minutes.

decorate the Ready dish with a lemon piece, a greens branch, olive.

On 1 kg of forcemeat of fish to you will be required to 100 g of rice and one average sizes a bulb.

I recommend white wine For a dish - Chardonnay, Chablis, myurso to

At all abundance and availability of the choice of fish and caviar not only on versions, but also price policy, pride of local population is Kamchatka " sandwich; .

For preparation of a dish undertakes a small round loaf of white or rye bread, is accurately cut lengthways, the pulp is removed so that there were walls. With caviar of a humpback salmon it is densely filled bread as a big bowl. Then caviar is sprinkled lemon juice, covered with the second half of bread greased with butter and from above decorated with 1 - 2 spoons of caviar.

Fine rest, fascinating beauty, clean air, abundance of seafood, taste of ethnic cuisine for a long time will remain in your memories of the peninsula Kamchatka.]