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Whether it is worth drinking the cook - to stake?

Advertising of the cook - Coca is so ubiquitous that it is hardly worth representing this drink. In Soviet period this, in general, harmless shipuchka served as the symbol representing the rotting capitalism. Now it is on sale at every turn.

History of creation of this drink old. The cook - Coca was thought up in Atlanta, the State of Georgia in America, on May 8, 1886. Stakes the druggist John Steve Pemberton was the cook`s inventor-. And the name for drink was thought up by Pemberton`s accountant, Frank Robinson. And he wrote the words Coca - Cola figured letters which are a drink logo to this day.

For preparation of drink cooks and one part of nuts of a stake took three parts of leaves. It should be noted that both components contain very active alkaloids, in particular, from leaves cooks extracted cocaine.

It is no wonder that drink exerted strong eyforiziruyushchy impact. Therefore drink was patented as all nervous breakdowns medicine. Pemberton assured that drink treats impotence and dependence on morphine. Claimed also that it is good to them to freshen the nip.

By the way, cocaine was not forbidden in those days yet and was on broad sale. It was even added instead of alcohol to drinks for a raising of mood and a tone. That is on the structure Coca - Coca was not something special in those days.

In the beginning affairs of businessmen went is shaky, shakily. The first year of sales was unprofitable. For production of the cook - stakes spent 70 dollars, and helped out 50. However everything flows, everything changes, and soon the cook - Coca gained wider fame. Having used it, Pemberton sold the rights for production of the cook - Asu Coca to Grits Kendler. It - that also founded the " company in 1892; The Cook - " Coca; which exists also till today.

At the end of 1890 - x years the ban on cocaine appeared. And cooks, and " began to add not fresh leaves to the cook - Coca; squeezed out cocaine in them was not any more.

Since then the cook - Coca began to gain quickly steam and in 50 years after its invention became for Americans the most popular drink, nearly an idol. Since 1988 with arrival of reorganization of the cook - Coca began to submit residents of the USSR.

If all developed the cook - to divide Coca between inhabitants of Earth, then everyone would get about 767 bottles. 8000 glasses of drink of the cook - stakes drink in the world every second. From all developed production of the " company; The Cook - " Coca; it is possible to fill the pool of 180 centimeters in depth, 33 km long, and 15 km wide. A quite good swimming bath, in it 512 million people could be placed.

Huge Mexico and small Iceland having among themselves a little general are similar in one. They are leaders in consumption of the cook - stakes per capita.

Now in the market there are a lot of kinds of the cook - Coca: classical, dietary, low-calorie, without sugar (differently light ) with taste of vanilla and sweet cherry.

Many rumors about confidential structure of the cook - stakes go., It seems, - to stake add special ingredient which is kept a strict secret by producers to the cook.

Consists modern the cook - a stake, according to official sources, of water, sugar, carbonic acid, E 150 dye, orthophosphoric acid, caffeine, fragrances.

Physicians even more often bring up a question that the cook - Coca does harm to health of the person. Though on the structure of the cook - Coca a little in what differs from carbonated drinks of other producers.

Also the set of rumors about improbable properties of the cook - stakes goes. The cook - Coca allegedly deletes a rust, removes a raid from a toilet bowl, corrodes meat if to put it in drink. Also cleans gold and silver if to dip products from these metals into drink.

All this is quite probable as in drink there is a lot of phosphoric acid. But it is reliable or not, I do not know and to check I have no desire. For that simple reason that from carbonated drinks I drink only table mineral water.

Of course, tastes differ, but the sweet carbonated drinks consumed in large numbers inevitably lead to diabetes and obesity. Phosphoric acid promotes removal from an organism of calcium, magnesium and zinc that too it is good not to eat. Worst of all the fact that from the cook - Coca thirst only increases, forcing to consume more and more drink.

And everything is good moderately.]