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How many I exists in the person?

that human an organism - very difficult " mechanism; created by the nature, we learn at lessons of the school course Anatomy and human physiology . And the wise nature provided that each body and any system are ready for the help each other.

But psychologists and psychotherapists other system interests. It is system of our feelings. And here not everything is so smooth.

That in the person often there is a fight between Reason and Subconsciousness is written much. Subconsciousness still sometimes call the second, or internal, I . It turns out, on one bowl of scales - Reason, Logic, Experience, on another - Subconsciousness (Soul or Intuition), Nadezhda, Vera, Conscience. That and other list can be continued.

And, maybe, and well what they argue, and sometimes and enter skirmish? Means, still the Soul at the person is live?

Giving to the person the characteristic, we pay attention on second bowl of scales . And if there positive feelings prevail, we speak: this is the good person. The person can be a gold mine of information, logically think and succeed in some responsible field, but if in it there is no Reliability, Compassion, call of duty, and walking on steps of wealth and career, it easily and without reflecting steps through friends and the family, it will not cause in us either feeling of respect, or admiration. And we will never call him the Personality.

Perhaps, it is only our mentality. Mentality of the people of the former Soviet Union. And, perhaps, only we judge the person on the content of his Soul.

But in life there is such state when suddenly clearly you feel that not only the Reason and Soul get into heated argument. Whether you noticed this fight when you were unexpectedly covered with the head by the most strong and fine feeling - Love? Though now some scientists claim that it not feeling, but just chemical reaction happening in our organism.

But contrary to their convincing proofs I do not want to trust in it. How then to read verses of great poets? Really substituting instead of the word Love - chemical reaction ? Unless life will not lose the paints if all of us translate into mathematical language, physics and chemistry? No, let for balance there will always be both physicists, and lyric poets.

We will return to a subject of our conversation. You were unexpectedly covered by a wonderful warm wave - Love. In total in pink color! The sun shines only for you two, birds sing only about It, camomiles reveal for guessing. Heart beats out one melody: Liu - bov, Liu - bov The world was never so beautiful and life is so good!

But girlfriends and the family address your Reason: Look... He is a simple employee of some scientific research institute and does not break stars from the sky. At it (oh, horror!) even there is no car. And he lives with parents, and there Appearance does not bear comparison with Dima Bilan too. Where you have eyes?

Eyes - that on the place, but on them pink glasses which do not want to be removed. And the head, it seems, where it should be. And the reason repeats the same what people around go on about. But

But one more disputing party - the Body is. It remembers each its touch.

I here begins to oppose light, but angry Reason the Body. It appears, you still did not even guess that the Body has a voice and emotions too. Blocking convicting and in something a fair voice of reason, it shouts: To me it is good. I never flew and did not know what actually there is a Sky. I did not even know that it exists . It sings.

You distinctly feel each centimeter of the body which his tender hands or lips touched. Also you begin to understand beaten expression: I struggled with myself . The soul, Mind and the Body - this Trinity lives in the person till a time as a single whole. But now you clearly see that at each of this Trinity the principles, the laws, the emotions and the voice.

Happens that they behave as Lebed, Cancer and the Pike. The body as Lebed sings and is torn in the Sky. Reason as Cancer - he analyzes and goes on: It is necessary to recede, back, back . And Heart listens to arguing and is silent as Fish.

Pink glasses, the Body and Reason act as the main debaters. U L

. Wittgenstein there is a remarkable expression: The Human body - the best picture of human soul and V. Kannig ingeniously added to it: The Body is a great traitor of soul .

Also it becomes clear how many I lives in you. To whom to listen? Wait for

until dispute and Heart as the judge terminates, will pronounce the sentence. to

Yes, you have full authority to submit the appeal. But most often - it is useless. And if the solution of Heart is changed under some pressing, then you will feel sorry about it for all life.

The choice, as always, for you. Let it will be correct.]