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What does mescal differ from tequila in?

Mescal - strong alcoholic drink which it is possible to call the elder brother of tequila. Why senior? Because it began to be done long before tequila. And why brother? Because all of them - related, it is possible even to tell that tequila - one of types meskalya. But mescal - at all not tequila! Despite many general signs, they differ as the Scottish adhesive tape and rye whisky, or as cognac and brandy. The birth meskalya - a merit of the same Spanish conquistadors who applied distillation to local wines.

For production of both drinks sort plants an agave are used. But mescal, unlike tequila, is made from five types of a cultural agave and even with addition of wild versions, and tequila - only from one (a blue agave). The cores of an agave prepared for production meskalya steam 2 - 3 days in the special conic stone furnaces which are laid out in earth holes (palenque). Cores display on a surface of charcoal, from above lay several layers of palm fibers and powder with the earth. Such peculiar roasting of raw materials gives received meskalyu smack of a smoke. Cores for tequila steam in land furnaces or autoclaves.

The received juice of an agave is fermented within 3 days without sugar addition. In the course of production mescal once was exposed to distillation (distillation) earlier, but approximately since 1960 - x years all types meskalya began to overtake twice, diluting further with water to the necessary fortress. Usual fortress meskalya, as well as at tequila, makes about 40 degrees. It has stronger taste and aroma in comparison with tequila, its different types differ among themselves in these parameters and on color. Mescal of the superior quality costs in the same row with tequila, but by quantity of grades and types obviously concedes.

Earlier in general made only two look meskalya: usual with the content of alcohol of 25% (one distillation) and Refino`s (Mezcal Refino) mescal - 55% of alcohol (double distillation). Today more than 500 types of tequila and only svyshe100 types meskalya are known. Meskal without endurance is called Natural (Natural) sustained of 1 year and more - Anyekho (Anejo). The most famous brands meskalya: Cusano Rojo Mezcal (Kusano Rokho Meskal), Miguel de la Mezcal (Miguel de la Mescal), Monte Alban Mezcal (Monte Alban Meskal). Meskal going for export spreads in bottles of a special form or in low clay pots of black color.

Recently with promoting in the world market of tequila interest and in her partner meskalyu increased. This drink, as well as tequila, not less interesting myths and rituals accompany. One of the most ordinary - the myth about a worm who surely has to be present at a present bottle meskalya. Actually the worm is not traditional attribute of this drink. It was the masterly marketing mix which was applied in 1940 by producers meskalya to Del Magva (Del Maguey Mezcal) to draw attention of consumers. And they managed it with great success.

Still meskalya add a worm to some grades to impress thrill-seekers. This worm is called guzano (gusano) and is a caterpillar of a butterfly of Bombix agavis (red guzano) or Hipopta Agavis (gold, or white guzano). Krasnyycherv (gusano rojo) lives in the core of an agave therefore it is considered the best. The white worm (gusano de oro) is less prestigious because lives in agave leaves.

Drink mescal, as well as tequila, with salt. Special chic - to observe the got accustomed tradition of drink of this drink and to use mescal with a worm. At the same time the worm needs to be divided equally into all. It does not represent any health hazard because not less than a year is boiled previously carefully thoroughly and kept in alcohol. These worms are grown up especially for the similar purposes in environmentally friendly conditions without use of pesticides. After a vymokaniye in mescal the red worm turns pale, and becomes gold pepelno - gray color.

Some types meskalya, especially delivered abroad, are on sale in bottles to which neck the small sack is attached. Contains in it so-called salt from the " worm; representing that other, as mix from crushed dried guzano with salt and a ground pepper of Chile. There is a belief that eating of a worm from meskalya allocates the person with magic abilities, furnishes to it some kind of clue to to the invisible world and also increases man`s force. One more successful marketing reception and no more than that, but very is pleasant to the people. Exotic!

In 1994. in Mexico the law which protects the name " was adopted; " mescal; and strictly regulates its production only from the types of an agave resolved and approved at the government level. Meskal it is authorized to make in states of Oaxaca, Guerrero, Durango, San Luis Potosi and Zacatecas. However in connection with the increased export of tequila her producers already bought for the needs all agave in Okhak`s (Oaxaca) staff that led to a sharp increase in prices for these raw materials. As a result of it and from - for some other of factors producers meskalya can fall into a difficult situation in the near future

For now mescal after tequila continues to submit the world market of alcoholic products.]