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Why Chekhov willingly forgave sins To Nekrasov? Part 2

Bandit of a card table

One more paradox of Nekrasov: one of the most gentle and vulnerable people of the time, he was, according to Turgenev, present bandit of a card table . Kartishka have no brothers - Nekrasov said, beating both the friends, and absolutely strangers, at the same time without doing anybody indulgence. An unprecedented case for all history of the world literature: the poet who never lost in cards! Tell that thanks to the unique memory, - and Nekrasov, for example, knew by heart up to 40 thousand poems and could read napamyat any of them at any time, - he won the improbable sums of money, - the whole states. It is difficult to believe in it, but even the second wife - Zina - he won in cards! (Zina was a kept woman of a certain merchant Lytkin who, having lost, offered her to the poet as the debt).

There was Akulina, became - Zinaida

Akulina - such is there was a real name of this girl - it was absolutely young creation, with kind heart and equal, friendly character. First the kept woman`s part was also assigned to it - Nekrasov even rented for it certain apartment. But soon Akulina moved to the house to to the owner . Already as the common-law wife. Fascinated by charm of the girl, Nekrasov thinks out her new, more harmonious name - Zinaida, and the middle name gives it on the name - Nikolaevna. From this point he does not feel sorry for either time, or money for education of the young wife. She studies languages, manners, music... - it has to become it rovnya! And, it is necessary to admit, Nekrasov brilliantly coped with this task. The great player was lucky also in love: Zinaida Nikolaevna was the talented schoolgirl. And - the ideal wife.

The fearless hunter

is Told if the person is talented, then he is talented in everything. Nekrasov was lucky not only in cards and love, but also on hunting. About its accuracy legends went. Like Pushkin who lying on a sofa shot from the gun of the flies flying on the room, Nekrasov could on a bet, with summer, for several meters to make a hole in the five-kopeck coin thrown up. None of the Russian writers of the 19th century, even the hero of Sevastopol - Thick, dared to hunt one a bear. And Nekrasov dared. An effigy of the bears killed with it decorated not one school and not one museum of that time.

Should notice that the poet did not sell, and gave the hunting trophies. One of them - an effigy of the huge reared bear, - Nekrasov put in the hall, and the peasants for the first time coming to it, having got to a dark hall, took an effigy for the owner, respectfully bowed to it and spoke: Hello, barin! .

For what Nekrasov bought an overcoat to Shchedrin?

In the house at Nekrasov always there lived dogs. To his favourite - the Irish pointer by nickname Kado - was allowed everything: he could drag with impunity on all carpets and a sofa roast chicken, especially for it preparing, to drink up soup from a bowl of the poet during his meal, to lie without serious consequences on a piano or to gnaw the boots of some guest which were pleasant to it. Not once Nekrasov had to apologize to the guest who was injured thus and to pay to him material and moral damages.

Is curious that Kado never barked at the guests coming to Nekrasov, except for only censors and Saltykov-Shchedrin. Eternally gloomy and immoderately rough Shchedrin used sincere dislike of Kado. And when the writer came to Nekrasov, to avoidance incident Kado was locked in other room. Once at Nekrasov there took place edition meeting at which there was also Shchedrin. Kado, on rashness, was forgotten to be locked, and he, taking a happy occurence, made the way in a hall and, having found for the writer`s overcoat, otgryz at it a floor floors there! As a result, Nekrasov had to buy to Shchedrin a new overcoat. Kado`s

killed Zine... Incidentally. On hunting. Dog to an umiral of the poet on a lap. Zina cried and apologized. What you, - tell the eyewitness of the word of the poet, - about what are killed? You unintentionally killed this dog, and every day where - nibud on light of people purposely kill. I do not become angry about you at all. But give freedom to my melancholy, I lost the best friend " today;.

Soon near nekrasovsky hunting giving appeared a monument - a granite plate: Kado, a black pointer, was excellent on hunting, the irreplaceable friend of the family. Was born on July 15, 1868. It is killed incidentally on hunting on May 2, 1875 .


There is no gray life and the gray nature, and there are gray people - Nekrasov said. The last half a year his lives were the most black. Years of the youthful wanderings full of extreme poverty and continuous hunger have an effect: doctors found in it a rectum cancer. Operation, but unsuccessfully was performed. Nekrasov thawed in the eyes. Pains were so big that it on hours pulled loudly some monotonous note reminding a burlatsky note on Volga . It is impossible, - Saltykov-Shchedrin in the letter to P. Annenkov reported, - even to imagine approximately what torments he suffers... And at the same time continuous groan, but such that is with me, the nervous person, almost badly becomes . Zine`s

during the last two hundred nights did not allow itself to sleep that to hear its first groan and to run up to a bed . To overcome a dream, she sat down on a floor and looked at the lit candle. After these two hundred days and nights it from the young, fresh and beautiful woman turned into the old woman with a yellow face, and remained such. After death of the husband Zinaida Nikolaevna put on mourning and within the next 38 years, about day of the death, did not remove it. Otkhodiv all life in black, it bequeathed to bury itself in all white.

Who is higher: Pushkin or Nekrasov?

On death of the poet, at once after announcement of its will, rumors spread everywhere - where Nekrasov put those 500 thousand rubles what the word of mouth so persistently attributed to it? On one " versions; Nekrasov hid them in the Kado`s grave - why he then to some dog built such monument? . In one of nights some bastard dug up Kado`s grave and, without having found anything, in animal rage cut to pieces a shovel the semi-decayed corpse of a dog...

Once in the environment of the Russian democratic intelligentsia there were fierce disputes: who is higher - Nekrasov or Pushkin? Today time sorted things out. Namely: Pushkin not rovnya to Nekrasov. Nekrasov hits on the reader`s heart stronger and Pushkina is more shrill. Still Balmont fairly noticed that Nekrasov is the poet who reminds that so far we breathe here is people who choke. Of course, to us not to think about more simply, more quietly choking at all . That is why one poets, such, for example, as Pushkin, we love more, and others, such as Nekrasov, we respect more. And it, probably, is fair.]