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Tell me what water you drink, and I will tell about you everything ? Part 2

Two best medicine: love and gratitude

the Japanese professor Masaru Emoto made a useful experience. On vessels with the clear distilled water it began to paste pieces of paper with various words as positive, - for example, sun love mother well light etc., and negative - death horror angrily hatred envy etc. In several hours after that professor began to freeze quickly tests from different vessels and could not believe own eyes! Kristalliki of ice from positive vessels were faultlessly symmetric, that is, one may say, such water was ideal both for drink, and for treatment. And here kristallik from negative vessels unanimously appeared with the broken structure: that is, turned, in fact, into the most real poison.

In Emoto`s laboratory water from various sources was affected also by music, the electromagnetic radiation of the TV, a prayer, the pronounced words, etc. As it appeared, any person is capable to change structure of crystals of water! And, under the influence of words and thoughts it is modified instantly. For example, " words; fool destroy considerable part of clusters, doing water almost lifeless. And after furious abuse its structure reminds the web torn to pieces - in accuracy as after a dirty water supply system.

Kind words form beautiful star-shaped kristallik in water. According to doctor Emoto, such words possess harmonious vibrations - they and form such type of clusters. It is curious that when doctor Emoto tried to find the word which best of all influences water, it turned out that it not one, but a combination of two words: Love and Gratitude - they form extremely steady and beautiful crystals

Any thought leaves a mark

On some views, - professor Stanislav Zenin continues the story, - everything that in the world occurs, surely imprints in environment. Cells of space exist - information plan, and it already explains many, still unclear to human reason, physical processes .

Thus scientists proved: our words, feelings and thoughts leave the mark both in a glass with water, and in planetary system in general. Perhaps, natural cataclysms so frequent recently - only the answer of the planet as living being on our negative thoughts and acts. Possibly, the person in the near future should reconsider habitual outlooks on life and with much bigger responsibility to treat the thoughts, words and actions. Because our today`s thoughts and words will surely affect our health and life of our relatives tomorrow.

A simple secret of holy water are Widely known to

in the people of feature of holy water: it does not spoil and possesses miracle curative properties. Besides, here works effect of homeopathy : 10 g of holy water added to 60 l of water turn usual water in sacred on the structure and properties. It was shown by the experiences put in laboratory of professor, Doctor of Engineering Pavel Goskov. By the way, electromagnetic oscillations of holy water and healthy human organs coincide. Other experiments of this scientist proved: water in a glass over which the person said a prayer possesses special biologically active characteristics. Even it is enough one drop of holy water to make curative water of a big pan with soup or a three-liter teapot.

You want to make curative of usual water? There is nothing more simply: add to a 3-liter jar water (and it is even better drinking, bought in shop) two - three drops of holy water. In a day this water will gain all properties of that that was consecrated in the temple. there is no

U you holy water? Well, over the same can of water tell aloud all those good words which you know. And it is even better - wish over water good health to yourself and all the relatives and read a prayer (at least and from the book). Water over which words of a prayer, words of gratitude, a wish of good and good luck were pronounced turns into the most real elixir of health and longevity!

does not seem Now to us by miracle any more that the level of impurity of products from a radioactive zone decreases to normal if they are brought in church or when they will listen service. What we considered as religious prejudices in practice appears deep human wisdom

Why should not be sung in a bathroom?

I in conclusion - several curious facts and the useful tips concerning water use.

Why during magnetic storms many people feel not very well? Yes because powerful electromagnetic impulses destroy water kristallik in an organism. To help an organism to restore them, in such days, besides necessary drugs, it is necessary to drink also natural water.

Ethyl alcohol destroys clusters. Vodka is absolutely dead water. That though it is a little to recover of it, experts add ice pieces to a glass - it possesses magnificent structure, as well as thawed snow, by the way.

according to Pavel Goskov, it is important to remember what does not follow only from existence of kristallik at all that the structured water is useful to one and all - strictly individual approach is necessary here. Moreover, traditional medicine claims that it for treatment of a number of diseases is necessary dead water which though is acquired slowly but takes away excess of negative energy from sick bodies. And sometimes the positive effect can be reached only by means of small amounts of certain harmful substances or memory of them - it makes active protective forces of an organism.

Yury Andreevich Andreyev in the book Healing of the person offers idle time anti-the stressful recipe: a stream of water, comfortable, pleasant for you (it is better integral, not shredded a shower spray) from a poppy-head along ridge not less than three minutes in the morning and three minutes in the evening. Influence - wonderful, already every other day - two you will become much quieter .

If you want to have a good cry, utter everything that at heart not in a pillow, and a bathroom, having turned on the crane with water, you keep at the same time hands under a stream. Cry, tell water about the grieves or an unpleasant dream - and it will carry away them forever.

Water clears not only a body and soul, but also objects. For this purpose the thing is kept about an hour in flowing water or three days in some vessel (for example, in a basin), changing water every day.

Should not be sung in a bathroom - with water also the feeling of happiness peculiar to the person who purrs a song can escape.

according to Nikolay Roerich, it is not necessary to use the cooled-down and stood boiled drinking water - this water dead, it weakens functions of a brain, promotes aging. In any case, more than a day boiled water should not be stored. Its structure such is that at storage it like a sponge absorbs all microorganisms, bacteria and viruses from air. The continuous use of boiled water can lead to development of an urolithic illness. At repeated boiling of water it accepts the structure similar to heavy " water; used on nuclear power plants and, at least, will not present health.

One of the reasons of frequent colds, formations of blood clots, stagnation of a lymph, fragility of walls of vessels, diseases of a bladder insufficient consumption of pure drinking water is. At reduction of volume of water in an organism normal work of kidneys, and part them " is at a loss; duties charges itself with a liver. Consuming water, we facilitate work and kidneys, and a liver.

Having come home after work or a trip in public transport, and also after a meeting or conversation with the unpleasant person, wash a face and hands to an elbow cold flowing water - negative power, hanging on your aura, it will be washed away together with water.

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