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Why for the first time The Cloud in " trousers; Osip Brik let out?

on January 16, 1888 in a family of the lawyer Max Brik and his spouse the son who by long family tradition was named Osip was born. Max most of all loved travel, and once when he with the spouse and the little son had a rest on the coast of Italy, the enterprising young man paid attention to big sandy stones of dark color which reminded a dark coral. Peasants called them marzhan .

When Max took an interest at locals what value stones have, those shrugged shoulders: yes any! But Brik saw everything in other light: it resolutely filled stones two suitcases and brought them to Moscow. The plan was simple: to process these stones, and then to sell to the persons interested incapable to define that before them - the real jewelry or costume jewelry.

Business was standing: having opened a workshop on processing marzhan Max was convinced soon: demand for it jewelry quite decent, the truth not in Moscow and St. Petersburg where filled big jeweler houses and where - nibud in Siberia and China where people are greedy for the fact that it seems beautiful. On that Max Brik rather grew rich.

And his son went on ottsovy feet (in respect of legal education). It without effort arrived on law department of the Moscow university and successfully ended it. And when came it is time to marry, prompted its mammon to the son that at her best friend Lenochka Kagan the dear daughter by name Lille grows up. Daddy Kagan, Ury Aleksandrovich, was a lawyer too, he strove for Jews according to matters of law of a residence, had nothing against a profession of future son-in-law so lack of own living space was the only obstacle for young people. Well Osip Maksimovich had good practice by then, plus of a money Max Brik - the word threw, a question by itself resolved - newly married became owners of the smart three-room apartment down the street of Zhukovsky, 7 in St. Petersburg.

There was it in 1912, and a year later in the apartment Kaganov appeared the tall young man in a yellow jacket, the owner of a dense bass who was called Volodya. He flirted with Ury and Elena`s younger daughter - Elza. Of course, younger sister told senior about the admirer, without feeling sorry for paints: Mayakovsky (and it was he) showed promises and he had a chopped verse, appear, the guillotine falls by the head to the person at whom he laughs. Besides, very young Elza it seemed the serious person from other world. Generally, Lila who occasionally visited the family it seemed a semi-mythical being, but here Elza did not hurry to acquaint the sister with Mayakovsky as though something prompted her heart to

meanwhile, this acquaintance took place in 1915. And it must be said that married Lille at once stretched to single Volodya. Probably, because by this time its relations with Osip had already more often Platonic character; she also did not know how now to treat him: how to the brother, how to the husband, how to the child? Generally, classical love triangle. Though, on an assurance of some girlfriends, Lille long time did not allow Volodya of nothing special .

It seems that by then as Mayakovsky lodged at them in the apartment, it with him had purely Platonic relations. But he somehow managed to become at once the true friend of a family both for Lily, and for Osip. And even on military service they were arranged to serve together - Osip and Vladimir - in the automobile regiment billeted in Petrograd.

One of the first large works of Mayakovsky - the poem The Cloud in " trousers; - nobody wants to print, and then the services to the friend Volodenke Osip Brik who publishes it on own money with a circulation of 1050 copies offers. Same creative destiny was also at other book of Mayakovsky - the poem The Flute - a backbone which came to Brik`s money too. In a different way Osip also could not arrive: he was proud of the fact that he opened for Mayakovsky`s readers.

And then there was a revolution which, however, did not sweep foster brothers . They still live in one apartment, together they issue " magazines; Lef and New Lef . Earn only a living differently. In particular, from 1920 to 1924 Osip Maksimovich served in legal department of ChK - OGPU as the lawyer by training. And it will give then a reason for his foes to draw different mystical pictures up to that Osip was an executioner.

About his creativity we know much less, than about Mayakovsky`s creativity. But Brik wrote much too. In 1923 its story " is published; Not fellow traveler then it works on scripts of movies: Two - Buldi - two (1930, together with N. Agadzhanova), Whom to be? (1932), The Case in a volcano (1941, together with M. Rosenfeld). The greatest fame was gained by the movie Genghis Khan`s Descendant (director V. Pudovkin, 1929). Brik participated also in creation of a number of movies as the author of the libretto and the consultant.

Mayakovsky`s death became big blow for Brik. Unlike the fidget - a dragonfly of Lilechki who managed not to be married not once yet Osip Maksimovich kept the affection for one woman for the rest of life. And still it sincerely became attached to cinema. It was one of the leading screenwriters, critics and organizers of the Soviet cinema 1920 - 1930 - x years (was a part and for a number of years directed literaturno - scenario departments on film studios Mezhrabp - Russia in 1926 - 1928, Mezhrabpomfilm in 1928 - 1936, Soyuzdetfilm in 1936 - 1941, in the same years taught at film institute).

Osip Maksimovich in victorious, 1945, by the way, a day before Alexey Nikolaevich Tolstoy`s death, on February 22 died. So the Soviet literature in two days lost two talented sons ]