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How to prepare aphorisms?

the philosopher to be easy. The recipe is simple - we take any expression and we put in it a deep meaning. But, it is, of course, the instruction for the most gifted. Though if to learn unpretentious rules and canons of creation of philosophical statements, at you everything will turn out.

So how to prepare aphorisms?

Aphorisms, as well as dishes, happen different. I will tell you how to prepare classical dishes. The rest, I hope, you will understand. we will take

For main course juicy, fleshy Oh, forgive. Let`s take some categorical, universal phrase, peremptory. For example In our world there is nothing simple . It will approach. (You, of course, can use also other dishes, for example, it is refined - a sharp delicacy There is no god or lusciously - " sweet; The love is a pleasure - this your personal record of the cook from philosophy).

Naturally, a main course without a garnish only commoners and geniuses eat. Because both that, and another all the same. Also the situation is and in philosophy - commoners take everything on trust, and geniuses find the sense. But here the average consumer of philosophical statements without a garnish does not eat a main course. In - the first, it is indecent. And, in - the second, it is not tasty and is not nourishing. What to serve with ?

the Garnish has to be less categorical, than a main course, but not too - a half-cooked, or slightly burned garnish a shame for the cook. It should not be much, but there has to be enough to emphasize and, the main thing, to explain a main course. In our example, it can be A spider - God spins the network for a long time and his plan " is known to nobody; or pathos Because each of us is a set of accidents unknown to us . Tasty?

It seems everything is ready Yes something is missing. Stop. Where we without dessert ?

the Main advantage of a dessert has to be its beauty, and nothing else. It also has to be sweet, and small. For example, Look at clouds or Where to us to understand everything .

the Dessert turned out not really, but you understood me.

By itself, you can add to spice dishes - pathos, sharpness, graceful a word (for example, to add to a main course in our world from time immemorial is not present ) - to taste.

Ya I can cite to you as an example other dish: In our world there is nothing difficult. It is enough to look at it with open eyes - and fog will vanish. Open eyes .

So, you are ready to be a cook from philosophy?

P. S. You noticed that two, the dishes mutually exclusive offered by me? Actually, truth only one: in our world everything is right. Just for everyone differently. Unless is not present? P. P. S

. In the first epilog I gave you one more dish. Forgive, a habit.]