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Whether coelenterates are beautiful? Ernst Gekkel and his mnogografiya of

his Many views and generalizations went beyond exact knowledge to the area of assumptions, and therefore a lot of things in them were later incorrect or unilateral (e.g. the theory of a gastrea), but nevertheless Gekkel made a big contribution to zoology and development of the theory of evolution, and caused brisk work in this direction, having put forward a number of issues of utmost importance.

Besides, Gekkel created one more famous theory: the theory of a gastrula - that in individual development of a germ of an organism the main stages of its evolution as if are reproduced., It seems, we even in a school course of biology heard it - that the embryo at first is similar to a small fish, then on an amphibian, and then reaches a mammal, and, passing all these stages, is born the person.

After 1891 Gekkel entirely goes to development of philosophical aspects of the evolutionary theory.

Naturally, I at all do not apply for the scientific accuracy of formulations - the article purpose not in it at all, and persons interested to learn everything precisely, certainly, can use purely scientific sources. Our purpose here - to talk about interesting, to tell each other about the fact of existence of the interesting person and about a circle of its acts. Therefore, if someone, badly excited by the concepts status (artfully received by me by catches of truly great ideas), wants to carp, not in this place: here I warned, I am not a biologist, and I write about Gekkel just as about the person, about the scientist and about the artist.

But we will return to gastrulas. Now the science strongly promoted and in this theory modified something, but it already is beyond the scope of a format of our short sketch about Gekkel. It is not it, and in as far as it was the versatile and prolific scientist and a lucid mind. For the time its works very much were even progressive. Without saying that Gekkel did a set of laboratory and field researches and collected rich material for other scientists.

As well as it was necessary to the scientist in those days - to the naturalist, the biologist and an estestvennik, he traveled much (Madeira, Ceylon, Egypt, Algeria, Lisbon, Tenerife, Gibraltar, to Norway, Syria, to Corsica, Sardinia), everywhere studied flora and fauna. Gekkel publishes monographs on radiolarias, deep-water jellyfishes, sifonofor, deep-water anglerfishes etc. Useful and formidable business, is simply amazing as the person could be in time so much! While it had neither a camera, nor the copier, nor the computer or maybe even pishmashinka.

And here as in those gloomy times the scientist had no opportunity the finds to photograph or photograph, he sketched all this And as! Skillfully, I will not be afraid of this word! Actually, for the sake of his pictures (you will not be at other loss for words) I and wanted to write about it a note. Because scientists - that on light is a lot of, but here to see such beauty and grace from rococo and baroque to are - Nouveau in the elementary organisms - it is given not everyone.

Here several amazingly beautiful organisms - here it is possible just to admire their improbable design, and for persons interested to penetrate - in relevant article of Wikipedia also big pictures (about 2000 - 3000 pixels), and a detailed explanation - that on them is drawn and as call each curl and where its place on an evolutionary tree are. all this makes sense to Thrust into a small fact-finding note hardly, but the way for eager is specified...