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We cook porridge for hair?

the Hair released at the end of the winter day from - under caps, often are sad and not really pleasant show. Tiny, and, apparently, simple hair bulbs to deceive not easy. They very sensitively feel, is comfortable to them or inconveniently. They are, of course, the remained atavisms and so on, but it is necessary to reckon with their whims.

One business - advertizing about shampunk winter ukhoda and absolutely another the severe reality which does not get enough sleep wonderful waves to you on shoulders at all and at best easy lies suspiciously got off locks which yet not icicles, but already and not graceful ringlets

On spring and till fall - hair drop out more actively. What from that? Does not surprise us that in the fall and in the spring our cat or a canary fades. Normal, quite reversible process. We use vitamins, we buy to ourselves new balm - the conditioner, and especially courageous people rub in roots burdock oil after which on the head within a week it is possible to fry fritters safely.

Quite another matter - winter. The cat who at winter becomes directly - round from the wooliness while at us on the head desired density and beauty not always hurries to be established just begins to upset us. Perhaps, a secret that the cat does not wear a cap or a fur coat? Perhaps put on it every morning a down-padded coat with a hood, run in a condition of a semi-stress at work and drink coffee in abnormal quantities - and it would reduce a luster, and by the evening the skin already and not so pleased with the ideality of the class a hair to a hair ?

And I conduct here to what. These bitter supervision I shared

with my hairdresser Tanusha. I came, as always, with a heavy sigh, slowly pulled together a headdress and zakanyuchit something about some miracle masks. I had a low-joyful look, and the series of some infinite winter holidays therefore Tanusha approached a question with all female solidarity available to it and professional knowledge came nearer.

- Ol, - resolutely declared to me she, - let`s make so

In a big glass to me it was offered to i to fill a tablespoon of a pharmaceutical camomile or nettle. Of course, to buy a grass in a drugstore because Tanusha knew that I not from those thrifty citizens who for the future dry for the winter any botanical wonders from a diarrhea and colic pains in ears.

Further the tablespoon of a grass should be filled in with boiled water, and then as henna to rub this squash in hair. By itself, previously having cooled.

On my question - whether needs to be washed previously hair - Tanusha waved a hand and declared:

- Pofigu my interest how long to hold and whether it was necessary to wrap up is met by

more than carelessly:

- As whether you want Should explain

that the answer to a question: how it is often possible to repeat this procedure I foresaw?

Further there was a spontaneous practical work.

Before rubbing in of porridge everything went to the head well, however, the nettle after a zavarivaniye becomes a little slippery and unpleasant to the touch, but not this most cheerful in procedure. A stage, about which Tanusha (incidentally, whether specially?) held back - it is a vypolaskivaniye. That is the vykovyrivaniye from is confused - a wet mane of inflorescences, leaves and other elements of curative plants. For a fine, thick, long hair it can occupy a half of your cozy evening in which you expected to roll about and esteem.

But result The result certainly costs both efforts, and time put on it. In a week everyday grassy " porridges; I, without regard to January and a cap - could look at the hair without grief and compassion.

Hair which I managed to lift and fluff up only the hair dryer earlier - pleased with cheerful elasticity, and let is not dazzling shone as in those advertizing, but, so to say, pleasantly and mysteriously gleamed, in due time attracting attention.

Happens at us so what borsch or fried potato bother us? In spite of the fact that on them nearly all children of the Soviet Union grew? And sometimes suddenly as it will want something such Imagine

, as hair also Shampoo, balm, the conditioner - already every day And suddenly - r - time! And a miracle - porridge!

Here not just for pleasure - from surprise you will begin to shine . ]