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How to remain together forever? Whether

A are known by you why the English words forever and together are so similar are already conformable? Well, of course, because the people who are rather loving each other have to be forever together! Yes, together forever. Not important as you found each other, maybe, the girl fell in a pool, and the young man helped it to be dried up, or perhaps your parachutes intertwined directly in the sky and you are at once fell in love (literally - fell in love or fell in love). Now you more than ever want to be together. And exactly forever. There are only 10 simple rules by means of which it is possible to avoid mistakes and to remain forever together. 1. Be friends.

Darling - it is healthy, friends - it cool. And if two in one? That is pledge of the strong long relations. Each of us wants that the one who will manage to listen, understand, support, give a valuable advice was near, will show participation. And as it is pleasant when it is your darling! The person who not just can cool kiss and read verses under the moon, but also is interested in your life, problems, dreams, plans.

It helps it to re-stick wall-paper in the room, it to it - to rewrite the missed lectures. And it is simple friendly. And after repair and the five in record books it is possible to kiss and realize much that nearby not just darling, but also the best friend. 2. Do not try to change each other.

Each of us - the personality, the person with the cockroaches in the head character, way of life and small suitcase of habits. And if it is the adult, then all this in him has the strong roots which to pull out very difficult. And hardly darling will like it. But it is possible imperceptibly, without serious consequences to push him to some changes.

He does not like to take the initiative and got used to rely on the girlfriend. So let the girl will imperceptibly be discharged from the organization of the next picnic and let the guy makes the list of products and invites friends. The girl is brightly painted? Let the guy admire its photo with not striking meyk - apy. It is necessary not to stop in this question at nothing, and to stay a little bit the sly fellow. 3. Find general hobby, hobby.

the General ideas, the purposes always pull together people, help to know better each other and it is just interesting to spend time.

It - the computer genius also writes verses, it - perfectly sings. So why not to try to write down songs? At first they will be pleasant to the family, then friends, and then … Who knows, the whole group which will smoothly step into a show path - business can be born. Already also the general business turned out. And it will already precisely strengthen the union. 4. Try to avoid quarrels and scandals.

Often the reasons of quarrels become the concealed offenses, the untold words, unreasonable jealousy. And here it is short also before large-scale scandal and a gap. The best option to avoid all this unpleasant, loud and oppressing - not to be afraid to speak frankly, to express, be honest. It is unlikely the people who concealed the car and the small cart of offenses will be together long. One stone on the road that all this overturned will be enough, and there was an accident.

5. You give compliments .

He not for nothing smoothed out a shirt all evening, and it not just did a strawberry face pack of interest. We do all this to be pleasant to be on the ball, not to leave indifferent someone. And as it is pleasant when it is noticed and give appreciation! Admire achievements of each other, it is important for both of you. Also do not forget about sense of proportion, feel a side between a compliment and flattery. 6. Do your appointments different.

In daily visits of cinema is the plus &ndash too; it is possible to be aware of the film industry. But there is also obvious minus - such meetings can bother you soon, will become banal and will lose the romantic charm. Include a little imagination! Try to make your meetings bright and unique! It is possible to organize a photoshoot or picnic on a roof of own house. Ideas &ndash came to an end; address for councils friends. 7. You love parents each other.

will be pleasant if his parents dislike, treat with contempt or, what is even worse, negatively to express to Nobody them. Let his father dream of the daughter-in-law - the ballerina, and her mother about the son-in-law - the scientist. It does not prevent you to try to obtain parental respect and to be together. Together forever. 8. Do not try to show the superiority.

is pleasant to feel to Nobody

defective, silly or dull. It is not necessary to remind that you are cleverer, and he(she) received the three on physics that you understand music better, and he (she) even has no hearing. It will definitely be pleasant to nobody. It is always just necessary to remember that each of you in something surpasses another. 9. Do not throw own life in a corner.

does not need to forget friends and to refuse the hobbies. It is not necessary to hold darling near the leg and not to give a step to step. Give each other freedom, the chance to be improved, communicate with other people, to be interested in something, to open something new. It is only plus, will be about what to talk what to discuss. Also do not forget to trust each other. 10. Do not meet often.

Another couple of the days spent out of a zone of darling will help you to miss, need thoroughly even more and to fall in love even stronger!

Love! Be also forever together!