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Why we yawn?

Reading this article, you for certain will yawn. As I when I wrote it yawned.

Why and why we yawn? This question is asked to themselves by many. Yawning is a respiratory movement, most often involuntary, consisting of a deep breath and a vigorous exhalation.

Yawning is the reflex reaction of an organism directed to improvement of supply of bodies with oxygen. It is considered, begin to yawn when in blood carbon dioxide collects.

Monotony serves as a signal for yawning. And for maintenance of nervous cages the protective mechanism - yawning turns on.

The adult usually yawns before withdrawal to a dream or when from a somnolence comes back to the awake state.

We are people well-mannered and cultural, and to all we will find a scientific justification, even to yawning. Let do not think that we want to yawn with boredom, just we have an oxygen starvation.

Was considered that yawning is caused by oxygen starvation in the stuffy room.

If you yawn - it does not mean at all that you did not sleep. Neuropathologists of New - the York medical center claim that we yawn not to fall asleep. They explain these our desire to yawn. The scientist Ronald Benindzher considers that yawning allows to maintain activity of the filling-up brain.

Sometimes yawning comes before the responsible moments in life when it is necessary to mobilize vital forces.

To yawn it is inherent not only to the person. They say that even frogs yawn. Yawning is reflection of an ancient instinct which existed at all animals.

Men and women almost equally often yawn, but not all men at yawning cover a mouth with a hand. On time the yawn lasts about 6 seconds.

And children begin to yawn in mother`s womb, at the age of 11 weeks.

The people capable to empathize, seeing the yawning person, too begin to yawn. Yawning - occupation extremely infectious. Yawn for the company in 42 - 50% of cases, but children do not give in to this action is younger than four years. Chimpanzees, also as well as people, are able to yawn for the company.

Scientists claim that yawning is useful. At yawning airways widely reveal, and muscles relax. Then there comes the pleasant condition of loss of consciousness. Yawning helps to reduce stress, fatigue, mental loading, stimulates work of a brain.

The German scientists established that yawning intensifies blood circulation, the reason clears up, supplies cells of a brain and a body with energy, promotes activity of plaintive glands. Dry eyes are moistened and feel much better. Muscles of temples, persons, necks, a nape, shoulders, a stomach and a diaphragm relax. The mood improves.

According to the Spanish doctors, yawning normalizes arterial pressure, weakens tension in muscles and joints, promotes prevention of a heart attack and other heart diseases.

If yawning happens indoors, then it is possible to fight against this misfortune. Go out of doors. If there was a wish to yawn on the street, stop for a couple of minutes and slowly make moves hands. Two - three breathing exercises will be enough. Often doing such trainings, it is possible to get rid of yawning in general.

Lead an active and interesting life, and it is possible, you will begin to yawn and get less into awkward situations because that did not manage to cover a mouth with a hand in time!

And if you cannot cope with the reflex actions, then all the same, try to yawn more carefully, and that is short also a jaw to dislocate. Good luck to you!]