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Who thought up a wonderful formula: I am not a wizard, I only study ?

on January 15, 1958, exactly half a century back, stopped heart of the remarkable Russian playwright Evgeny Lvovich Schwartz. Physically he could die and slightly earlier, or after the first heart attack, or after the second. But it was rescued by work - in recent years the life he worked much and constantly as the master of Renaissance, trying though a literary brick though by a literary grain of sand to leave more to us, those who will live further.

For himself he made discovery for a long time: if time not to value if to lose it continually, then it is possible to turn safely into old men and old women already at pioneer age. In any case, it Tale of a downtime was at us, children of Soviet period, dobra horror story also it was appreciated at all not less, than we will tell, fairy tales of same of Charles Perrault or of brothers Grimm . It is a pity that this fairy tale was, in fact, in the single copy, I do not consider its plays which had time such satirical character that they were not always perceived by children.

In fact, we and recently died Alexander Abdulov`s opened for ourselves in Ordinary miracle the play written by Schwartz. Also there is no this role, maybe, on screens of cinema Alexander would have more thorny way and long.

But we will return to sources. Evgeny Lvovich Schwartz was born on October 21, 1896 in Kazan, in a family of doctors. His father studied at medical faculty of the Kazan university when he met love - the student of obstetric courses. They got married, they gave birth to the son, but it did not bring due harmony in their relations. Father that is called became angry very fast and the little son irritated him more and more. But mother brought down on it so much tenderness and caress that Zhenya literally bathed in them.

On the other hand, the father was so sharp still from - for the fact that he counted on outstanding medical career in Kazan, and the destiny abandoned him in provincial Maykop (nowadays the capital of Adygea). And now Maykop is enough - the gray city, and more than a century ago at all seemed small and boring. But in it also there passed the whole children`s and youthful years of future playwright.

Already then people around noted that character at young Schwartz still that: he was quite open child, but any absurdity, rudeness and impudence could offend him so strongly that he preferred not to notice further the offender.

And still Schwartz dreamed to become the novelist writing kind and big love stories, sublime feelings, friendship and devotion. Here only plots from life seemed to it also melkovata are boring. Moreover the father insisted on that the son got rid nonsenses and went to arrive to law department of the Moscow state university. Zhenya could not disobey the parent and all road to Moscow which took more than two days, regularly crammed the Roman right. And all the same at examination it was necessary to it very difficult. As he fought, professor holding exam could not decide on an assessment and told the entrant to arrive tomorrow. And... as you consider that Schwartz`s parents when the next morning to Maykop the telegram of the following contents arrived thought: The Roman right dies, but is not given!

There was it in far 1915. Later Schwartz everything is arrived on law department, and even ended two courses, but did not promote further - it liked to play in theaters more - studios where designated it the brilliant actor`s future. He, in fact, and remained in respect of the higher education a wizard - Schwartz`s work as the literary secretary of the famous children`s storyteller Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky became the half-educated person

But much more valuable university. The Roman right finally died, but the literary right began to declare itself at the top of the voice. Will of circumstances Schwartz is forced to move to Donetsk where readers of the " magazine could fully estimate his talent; Face " newspapers; All-Union stokehole . The feuilletons signed with it under the pseudonym Ded Saraille very much loved as from a wise grandfather`s eye any cockroach of mismanagement could not hide the new godsend - this time work in the State publishing house in Leningrad, under the leadership of the beginning children`s classic - is farther than

A of Samuil Marshak`s . under the influence of Marshak Schwartz switches on children, actively scribbling articles and verses for two children`s magazines Siskin and Hedgehog .

Five years later, in 1929, Schwartz wrote the first play - Undervud . Let does not confuse you foreign the name of the play, is a famous brand of the typewriter. On a plot the student Nyrkov received the " typewriter for urgent work at home; Undervud swindlers decided to steal it, and the pioneer Marusya prevented them. The children`s image personifying friendship and dedication thanks to which the forces of evil vanish became nail in the way of plays of Schwartz

there Passed five more years and Schwartz writes the first satirical play for adults, with the name difficult for perception of a usual Soviet ear too - Gogenshtaufen`s Adventures . But should not forget that went 1934 - y year, and Germans it was necessary to bite without fail. Though the play - satirical work with fantastic elements in which fight of kind and evil forces happens in realistically described Soviet institution where the executive officer Upyrev was the real ghoul, and the cleaner Kofeykina, respectively, the fairy godmother.

The only thing in what Evgeny Lvovich was not lucky - his plays very much were not pleasant to the leader of all people. To Iosif Vissarionovich in these plays the satire on the existing system, on him constantly seemed. And even the play according to Andersen fairy tale Shadow it was removed right after prime ministers - it was not pleasant to the leader that there are semi-hints on the Soviet life though Hans Christiaan, naturally, could not even present in a dreadful dream what will happen in Russia in the XX century. On the other hand, as if you treated words of one of heroes, the Minister of Finance: Reasonable people translate the capitals abroad. One banker translated even the gold teeth, and now he goes abroad and back all the time. In the homeland he has nothing to chew food " now;.

Schwartz understood a hint at once. And all three plays written to them the day before and in the first year of the Great Patriotic War - Brother and sister Our hospitality and One night fairy tale elements do not comprise at all, these are realistic works, not really - that differing from the similar, born by feathers other writers and playwrights. Respectively, I fight about a mortgage - our many readers are not even familiar with them Schwartz evacuate

From besieged Leningrad at first to Vyatka, and then in Dushanbe. Here also the new play " appears; Dragon which is expected by the same unhappy destiny - she acts from repertoire of theater at once after statement and comes back to a scene only in 1962.

By the way, slightly easier the playwright sighed only after Stalin`s death. But by then and its calendar began to count the last years. He had one heart attack, then the second. The only thing that still held it in this world - work on memoirs, this work he called Telephone directory . It is the real well of bright and juicy expressions, a witty view of those who surrounded it.

Exactly half a century back Evgeny Lvovich Schwartz did not become. But the majority of its 25 plays live and until now - in performances and movies. Cinderella and Snow queen Dragon and Ordinary miracle - for a long time became classics of the Russian cinema. And words of one of his heroes Cinderellas I would advise everyone to write large letters and to hang up this leaf before eyes: I am not a wizard. I only study. But for the sake of those whom I love I am capable of any miracles ]