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Vista: to be or not to be?

of Vista: year of flight. Flight normal?

there Passed nearly a year from the moment of the beginning of official sales of Windows Vista (officially they began on January 30, 2007). Let`s try to sum up the preliminary results.

is more than questions So far, than answers.

Why is badly on sale and bought up by Vista?

Why has Vista no success in users? whether

will be able to repeat Vista success of XP?

Linguistic digression

Vista [it is said viste ] - 1) prospect, a look (at the end of the avenue, etc.); 2) avenue, glade; 3) chain (memoirs, etc.) ; 4) opportunities, expectations.

By the way, the abbreviation of VISTA (abbr. from Volunteers in Service To America) means Volunteers on service to America [involuntarily occurs that all users of Vista - voluntary a beta - testers on service Microsoft!].

Longhorn (letters. long-horned) - a longhorn (the breed of cows which was originally getting divorced in England, now mainly in the USA in Hugo - the West).

XP - abbr. from eXtra Performance - the increased productivity.

And so you what, Vista!

the Author of article began to get acquainted with Vista when it still had maidenly (or rather, boyish!) Longhorn surname.

At the first acquaintance to Vista involuntarily arises comparison - a beautiful candy in expensive packing . And the first that occurs when you try to estimate Vista, - prematurity. The computer community only got used to XP, - and here, on you!.

Main problems of Vista

1. The increased insistence to hardware. To establish Vista and to work comfortably, it is necessary quite powerful " iron;.

2. Problems with productivity. On the same to " gland; XP flies and Vista, to put it mildly, brakes, and is quite noticeable.

3. Problems with compatibility at the hardware level. For many devices still yet there is no Vista - compatible drivers.

4. Problems with compatibility at the program level. Many programs which are perfectly working under control of XP with Vista cannot still make friends.

5. Insufficient readiness of users. In Vista much in a different way, and the users who got used to XP need to be retrained.

Even the system of internal security of OS can be finished to the point of absurdity when step to the left / step to the right is considered by an operating system as the threat to security and is blocked. As a result, the system can be " before; safe that will not be possible, for example, neither to be connected to a network, nor to install the driver or the program, to start the program

Here Vista flew by and aha!?

For a year of sales of Vista could not win the market, at least, in Russia. Statistically, 80% of sales still are the share of computers with the Windows XP.

Sellers of computer shops complain that many buyers at the time of purchase of the computer demand to execute of downgrade - to replace Vista with XP.

Some IT - analysts foretell that Windows Vista is waited by sad destiny of Windows Millennium (nicknamed in the people Limoniumom and an OS for housewives ) .

Others consider that Windows Vista will begin to force out XP after Microsoft stops support of HR, but not earlier than 2 - go half-year 2008 (at the end of September, 2007 Microsoft declared that it plans to continue sale of the Windows XP until the end of June, 2008. Earlier the company planned to curtail realization of XP on January 31, 2008, however decided to prolong this term in connection with responses of computer producers which noted that clients still willingly buy XP).

Third claim that Vista will never be able to drive completely XP out of the market and, even moreover, the return kickback to XP is possible.

Fourth consider that Microsoft itself defines tendencies of the market and that, to be Vista or not to be. Too a lot of things are staked therefore Microsoft will not refuse advance of Vista.

will show Time, to be Vista or not to be

Short conclusions

1. If you need to work at the personal computer (but not to test new axis !), you do not hurry to pass to Vista.

2. Upon purchase of the new personal computer is not necessary to take down the preset Vista. Establish in addition to it XP (to avoid problems after installation, see. What to do if after the Windows XP installation Vista is not loaded?, How to create a configuration with double loading - Windows Vista and XP?, How to restore the Windows Vista loader by means of a command line?).

3. The sticker of Vista Capable on boxes with program and hardware, unfortunately, does not guarantee either compatibility, or working capacity program and hardware under control of Vista.

4. From all Windows OS family at the moment the steadiest is XP. For it problems, both are almost solved with hardware compatibility, and from program.

5. Whether Vista have a future or she will repeat success The Windows ME, - will show time ]