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Who will go for water? We remember the childhood...

All of us were small and we remember how many events happened to us how many dirty tricks, nonsenses we made... With what thoughts we got up, laid down. That concerned us, from - for what we were upset, cried, were upset that pleased us, delighted. All our childhood was penetrated by emotions, they appeared also quickly, as well as vanished. We remember how it is easy to make so that the child began to cry, and in a minute he frolics and laughs... Can it to us and is not enough at the age of reason?

Many people constrain experiences in themselves, it corrodes from within, and they think that they become stronger, increase armor from surrounding problems. Yes, this is true. But it is necessary to find ways of release of this bad energy, it is necessary to laugh, have fun, share more the pleasures, problems with close people. Sometimes it is possible and to shout. Then the person will be harmonious and problems will not outweigh all the rest.

And with whom it is the best of all to have fun with all the heart who all the time will accept you with open handles?. Of course, it is the little favourite man. They please us every day with the sometimes silly and unreasonable, but always cheerful acts.

In life of children there are a lot of moments which are remembered with a smile upon the face. Here only some of them.

When the vase broke, instantly in the head the heap of excuses, at first sight, quite natural and plausible, but then when there passes the fright was born, you begin to penetrate into them and to laugh at them. Or, who went to music school - knows how it is difficult to keep and not to skip a lesson if go to play soccer. But at the same time distinctly you understand that sooner or later the teacher home will call and will ask parents where you were.

Every second boy went to school in a suit and gym shoes, those gym shoes in which he drove every day a ball in the yard. The form on physical culture was universal too: a t-shirt under a shirt, shorts under trousers and all! Quickly and conveniently! And so will be until from it does not begin to smell badly and socks after run do not ozonize air too.

generally, is time to draw conclusions.

Many, probably, played in daughters are mothers . Original option of game, when the daughter or mother - the boy. The big towel, a heap of plateaus, spoons, forks is taken out and cooking begins: rain soup, cake from dirt, grass bread. In principle, all is tasty. Then events develop violently: the child is born, he is carried to school by bus (the father is a driver), then go to shop (mother - the seller), then to hospital (there too all the). Then the family quarrels, at the same time sounds crown I am not on friendly terms with you! But minutes through ten they, having reconciled, together begin to cook food. Then they will sit together in the yard late, to go together to school, to dances... Here on it games come to an end and life begins.

Soccer is a separate subject. Always the smallest played goal. Goals fly one behind one, and he can make nothing. All this is understood, but all the same shout at it. Understanding what put a pipe, on gate becomes the goalkeeper - wound .

After game all want to drink. And who will go for water? Here it is the best of all for those who came from other yard. And all others in eager rivalry speak: There are no bottles! or My father sleeps! . But all - decide to wake the father or there is a bottle. And the most interesting is the fact that the one who takes out will drink also houses, and on the street with all. If go the company, then usually wait at an entrance. And what there to do? Energy as Zadornov speaks, is in full swing! It is necessary to think up something interesting. Thought up - who will spit and will get between a handrail. Often - it is dense at the moment shot below someone goes. One got, there is no second. And the one who missed the mark surely and will get into the.

Nobody liked to do the cleaning in the house. It was lucky if you lived together with the grandmother. So far you at school, she will also clean, and will prepare to eat if that she, will regret. But here mother comes and forces to clean the room. All cleaning takes no more than fifteen minutes: things chip in together in a case, is fast dusted, in ten swings the floor, all is swept that remained, goes under a carpet. Mother controls and the First bottle of alcohol, the first disco, the first dance with the girl (boy), the first kiss estimates

, the first love is subjects of separate articles.

Here it it, childhood interesting and carefree...

And at you not so?]