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Cup: what in it special? When our old ancestor drank up

from reservoirs on all fours, the spinishka at him ached a bit. And it was open from a back for attack, one never knows. And here undertake - to go new fashion not as all decent ancestors, and on two legs! Old men muttered and looked sideways from - under tousle dense at dandies biped. It is not enough them that feet got on both, so also water from palms began to drink. Will put so a bucket the lapishch, it is scooped and drink, Australopithecuses nasty. It is not drunk up by it in a human way. About times, about customs! And young people already began shells of fruits to attach under this business, sinks everyones and that under a paw pospodruchny, poukhvatisty.

Also scooped here so our rodstvennichka even to the middle of the Stone Age, while were not wised up from a stone of a bowl to hollow for drink. And not only. Began bowls to worship, for sacred to read them, to decorate with animal faces. Here is how bowls totemic began to esteem, and theft on them was moved. Fought from - for bowls, quarreled. And even wars were reached by business. And how not to be at war: arrived, you understand how the person on a visit the sonny of the Scythian tsar Attey to Greece. Accepted as it is necessary, in Greece everything is. Gave to drink - fed, celebrated poganets, at excursion drove to temples, carried out with gifts. Missed, and there is no bowl of the goddess of Athena in the temple - that and. Stole, the tourist Scythian!

Greeks Attey`s good ask: Give a cup - that. Not on concepts it. To you - that it on what, at you is won of the how many from skulls with gold ponapikhano. And to us it sacred, without it to Athena to drink there is nothing . And Scythians with a show off so: Did not take, but also we will not give! Went, Greeks unfortunate! . (It from them Golda Meir learned: we have no nuclear weapon, but if it is necessary - is applicable!) . Well and here went - went. As now I remember, in 325 before - it war between Greeks and thieves - Scythians was made. But beat off a cup or not, forgot partially. Long ago it was.

Further priests on bowls went mad as one. All rituals around horovodila bowls. And kings - that, kings! That what king of parshivenkiya - a throne bowl to himself got and bragged of it. Here supposedly my symbol of the power and a parabottom - an output cup. On feasts only from the personal bowl saw. In campaigns for themselves dragged.

And Greeks, having swallowed offense, were wiped after war by hems of tunics and steel from house cups to itself to whip wine and water. Even got cups for water especially, and for wine especially. Wine - that was drunk, however, not in a human way - diluted with water, as at us in bars. Overindulgence, in a word. What need was osobyya cups separate to get if with wine so contrived. I understand now for what it is their Skilius, Atteev the sonny, so lokhanut with a bowl of Athena - but do not dilute some wine, do not play mean tricks.

And cups and bowls at them - one name. You saw a drinking bowl? Well, this from which to give to drink to dogs. Ploskenky such, you will not find the handle, not ukhvatisty. Name one that cup. Fie! And Greeks for us did not think up the name. Here also we use the drevneshumersky opposite word bowls that to a cup in general a fifth wheel because means - to give, grant, to make a gift. Scythians are good too - fialam called the cups sacrificial. Uzbeks in teahouses from them drink now vodka. To whom it is not lazy in barrows Scythian to rummage, there fiat these - drinking bowls will be enough for two teahouses. Archeologists, of course, gold - silver all already dug out for themselves, but it is possible to rummage still. There a lot of things. Scythians - that wine did not dilute. In pure form ate.

Spoke and I will speak: everything that somewhere in the world is made, made in China. There was such babeshka young Put - Li. Beautiful, however. It was attached to the dad in gerlfrenda, to the first emperor of China. It is clear, at it such as it a floor - Celestial Empire. But the maid was cunning - that the dad on an exit from the palace did not ask her, she constructed the handle to a cup. Here supposedly the dad that you the imperial fingers about a tea Bol did not burn down, on you, your imperial majesty, a new cup with the handle. And that a tea long not styl, I ordered supposedly your porcelain affairs to masters to round the edges of a cup inside.

The First tried a seagull - absolutely other calico! It is happy remained. Also Put - Li began to fuss all and let`s tea ceremonies to the boyfriend arrange. And that is also glad as the little fool to this handle. But there was patsansky dismantling in the imperial palace between maidens of the facilitated behavior. Other concubines, seeing such business, conceived to ruin the girl.

And what you think? Ruined, ill-natured persons envious. Secretly the handle at a cup was filed and sit, so Chinese reptiles hid as the Weaver with Babarikhoy. Scattered was Put - Li to the First with a tea ceremony, and the handle take and hryas! - flew away. Weigh prikid filled in the First with boiled water, different bolyuchy places pozhglo, a hand, you understand, in general all is scalded! Here the girl was also executed on figs! Exhausted. But cups and remained from now on with handles and a keg rounded off. Therefore when you drive teas, remember the poor creature Sun - Li. Thanks to it you do not burn fingers about a cup.

And here services tea were thought up by the English merchant. Having many children was, to see. This idea in 1601 found on it. Through a stolnik of years invented also coffee service. And since then - sha! More no innovations happen to a cup. Except a mug. From them drink, but there is one treasured, in baths to a tub by a chain is arrested! And so calmed down on reached. But the cup acquired legends and customs, and even just horror films.

You know a foul family of Bordzhiya? Poisoners are such. They had special such cup kanterallus or death drink . These Bordzhiya (whether they hour from the Caucasus: Beria... Bordzhiya.?) treated to poison from the kanterallus especially beloved guests. And that it is untempting!

Our neighbors in the neighboring countries, Vikings, got at themselves fashion on destiny bowls - lodoborg. Before a thorough drachka, war or a distant campaign to povorovat - to plunder, they from lodoborg on fart drank. They had Valgalla such where all of them wanted to get as if with honey there it it is spread. And so the first check point in Valgalla - lodoborg - a bowl, the second - death with a sword in a hand. About death I do not know, to see, were not really torn, and a bowl - nearby. Here also they drank the narkomovsky 100 grams before a turmoil to berserok green. And then - a grass not grow, the sea knee-deep, walk, Vasya!

Scythians, Pechenegs, the Horde, those from skulls drove teas. Blackamoors were called. From these the blackamoor to a half of the 18th century saw in Western Siberia and in underdeveloped aziya and Africa. Pechenegs in general became impudent - the princess Olga had a sonny - the pagan Svyatoslav, problem such patsanchik, it namuchatsya with it. Even naprorochestvovat to it the bad end if it is not christened and will not think again vodka to drink and to misbehave discipline. And Slavik in any way. He went to Pechenegs to be at war their knyaza I Smoke, and Smoking take and strike a head from shoulders to Slavik. And from a cherepushka to itself found its cup, gold sheathed inside, drinks Meda sweet and speaks maliciously - the prophecy maternal - that came true!

Somewhere Lazar`s cup zanykatsya, cannot find in any way. And necessary thing in economy. Here listen. There lived to such himself Lazar. Also died as it is necessary, in the hour there was Christ with pupils. Started it. Lazar supposedly die. Asked the Teacher, and he revived Lazar. Lazar recovered and wanted to drink. Dry trees to see. The people thought why not to give. Brought to it a bowl and Lazar drank waters. Since then this bowl began to revive people. But at people, as always, you will find nothing - there is no cup to this day.

One more bowl is looked for like mad. From it Jesus enjoyed grief. Such orchard was in Israel in Gefsiman. Well, kibbutz such. There he also drank. Though kindly asked that carried by a bowl by. And there and to remain it where put, but to it someone quickly attached legs. This bowl of Graal the Lion-Heart fussed to look for. Even the Crusade made. Of course, did not find a bowl, but seized that on the way badly lay. Did not come off the loser.

And here one bowl - a bowl of the princess Olga that Slavik mother, was even through one thousand years. There in general detective: dying, the princess as looked at a bowl and told so: Let in this bowl there lives my love and let it happiness will bring to my descendants! Told and died. Amen. One descendant, aha, got into a mess, Slavik who.

This bowl then Anna Yaroslavna, the queen of France, received as a gift from her daddy of Yaroslav the Wise and for a while. As the bagatelle from pure gold and carved here will appear, so the thieves also fly - when the dowry was carried to France, the bowl was gone. Then even it looked for People`s Commissariat for Internal Affairs, even Yaroslav`s grave was ruined. And here in Kharkiv in 1939 putya repaired and incidentally found. Puteyshchiki. Took down in the museum on pleasures. And to stand to it there. But here war. It everything be wrong.

During war one SS-man, Richard Straube, the famous thief on values for the Reich, took out this bowl to Germany. Personally, the swine, tracked that all museum workers were shot. In Germany, you know, than all this came to an end, and again a bowl tyu - tyu. And in 1970 in the Swiss bank the nazi zakhoronka, and in it Holguin a bowl suddenly comes up. But Yaroslavna - that is buried in France, here Louvre also bought a cup to itself. That near the dead woman was. Let will be, we are not sorry. Though not on - patsansk it. Our cup. It is advisable to give also with Anna in addition.

Here such adventures at a cup. And I wish you pleasant tea drinking.]