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How to cease to postpone for later and quickly to begin any business?

to you sometime were necessary to postpone the beginning of new business for later - for five, ten, twenty and more years? It agrees, everything depends on that, how old are you now.

When I was 31 years old, I became thoughtful that else from 15 years wanted to learn several foreign languages. It turns out, I postponed 16 years for later execution of own desire.

If to determine the age not by the number of the years trodden on the ground, but achievement of the purposes, it turns out that really I stopped on a mark in 15 years. Well, approximately so I also felt myself in 31 years. And you know how many people died, without having begun to carry out the main affairs? It is only possible to guess it.

They well thought,

having refused the desires?
Some elderly people speak - to us already late to begin, the youth let aspires. You think, with such spirit these people manage to make something in the life?

The cruel truth consists that do not come back years ago. I remember, in 16 years I read in the " magazine; Age-mate as many books were already read by my peers as many acts they managed to make. And I bitterly cried in 16 years with this magazine in hands over the fact that a lot of time in my life is already wasted in vain.

Other facts of life consist in what it is possible to begin something new at any time. Whether there are in life examples when people started from scratch at rather mature age and achieved outstanding results? Of course, is, I even know such people personally. It is sure, as you can remember such cases from your environment.

Brian Tracey, the author of best-sellers famous for the whole world on success psychology (you without effort will find its books in the Internet), in youth had no much of what other people had. He did not even leave secondary school and 8 years was a general worker. Now it is the known business - the consultant, the millionaire, the head of the company with branches in many countries of the world. I do not know at what age it began to change the life, but is obvious not in youth. In the history of such examples there is a lot of.

One of very successful people (to which I was lucky in absentia to communicate) told: The Main thing - not what I achieved, and what I at the same time became . This person paid great attention to ability to plan the success.

What you will become when learn not to postpone affairs for later ? In - the first, you will become more purposeful. Just because you will begin to seek for achievement of the purpose, but not to look at it from a distance. In - the second, you will become happier because you will fulfill own wishes. In - the third, you will become wiser.


to yourself: Stop hesitating!
to begin to work, just it is necessary to make the plan and to follow it. I will give an example with foreign languages as I planned the forthcoming year.

I wrote date of summing up in a notebook - on December 31, 2008, then presented that this day already came. Also asked itself a question: what has to be written near this date that I needed only to put there a plus when the result is achieved? And I wrote: Mastered 100 lessons of colloquial English and 50 lessons of colloquial German .

On other pages of a notebook I wrote the quarter purposes, then the purposes on months, having also specified control dates. Further I was engaged next month - January. At first I painted the week purposes. And then - the purposes on 1 - yu week of January, on days.

Now every evening I take a sheet of paper of the A4 format and, looking at the purposes, I make a detailed plan of the next day. Muttering, in this way I painted also other vital purposes near which I want to put a plus on December 31, 2008.

As a result, I have a strong internal motivation not to postpone and not to transfer affairs for tomorrow because I understand that if I miss any actions this week, all annual plan will fail, and I very much do not want it.

Without having such plan, I just would not know what needs to be done every day with guarantee to achieve the objectives in the end of the year. Therefore, I could postpone all affairs easily. Now I cannot afford it. Therefore I am engaged in the most important affairs in the life and I put aside only what will not affect my annual purposes.

Here not to postpone such easy way for later . Try, it will be pleasant to you!]