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What do we remember a star of the Soviet hockey Valery Kharlamov?

on January 14, 1948, 60 years ago, in a family of the test technician Boris Kharlamov and Spaniard Aribe Abbad to Germana who was brought to Moscow after the beginning of civil war in Spain in the middle of 30 - x years, directly in an ambulance car was born the son who was named Valery. The young father to the last stood under windows of maternity hospital to learn that to what as suddenly he with horror found out that the public transport already finished work. There was an alternative: or to be trampled down under windows of maternity hospital (and temperature was much below zero), or to go to the hostel if not through all Moscow, then kilometers thirty, at least

But eyes are afraid, and legs go! However, shortly before the happy father turned into an icicle, he was taken away in office by the militiamen who took the guy for the robber (in hands it squeezed a small knot with the wife`s things). Warmed tea, were glad for what to a regiment of boys arrived!

However, the main difficulties were still ahead. The son was born very weak if not to tell more; he often was ill. But in those days the attitude towards children was perfect another. Kharlamov lived in the hostel, in a room which turned out after division of the big room into quarters by means of partitions, and in tutors at Valera was esteem all female half of the hostel. Today we are partitioned by large-panel walls, hiding from each other in certain apartments...

In many respects from - for the fact that the son long was ill the father brought him on an ice skating rink at the age of seven years. Was considered that active sports will put the boy on legs. However there was nearly a tragedy: once Valera caught severe quinsy which gave complication on heart. Doctors strictly forbade the guy in general any exercises supposedly heart can not sustain!

Such news brought mother into a stupor, but the father decided that like cures like. So Valery appeared at school of preparation of CSKA. Late, by the way, at the age of 14 years. Now would not begin to talk to it, and then gave a club in a hand and told: show what it is capable of. And it showed!

In five years the hardworking talented young man had a way from the beginner groups of training to the player of the main structure. What it manufactured on ice, I think, all those fans of sport who at least once saw Valery Kharlamov in game still remember. In appearance puny (especially near the army giant Ragulin or the Spartacist Yakushev), but as brothers - Ukrainians speak, motor, explosive, reading game as Mstislav Rostropovich behind a conductor`s stand. Kharlamov not only that possessed very good technology of driving, could change position of a body in space so quickly that behind it literally were not in time.

Of course if near it there were no such hockey experts as Boris Mikhaylov and Vladimir Petrov, he would hardly achieve so many victories because this three took of each other the hint. But who knows how many sweat at trainings these guys spilled, yet did not achieve the sheer mutual understanding.

In due time Kharlamov established a peculiar record: none of hockey players to it became world champion at the age of 20 years! And even a road accident which happened to Valery Borisovich in the spring of 1976 when it had a two-spoon fracture of the right shin, a fracture of two edges, concussion and a set of bruises, did not bring Kharlamov out of big-time sports. In half a year it returned again to please the admirers!

All the glorified hockey player of 11 times became the champion of the USSR, three times the silver prize-winner, 8 times the world champion and 7 times the champion of Europe, won the Olympic Games twice. In total on various official international tournaments Kharlamov played 123 matches for USSR national team, threw 89 pucks. And in national superiority he played 438 matches and drove in 293 pucks to

Unfortunately, there is no escaping fate. As we remember, Kharlamov was born in the car. In the car it accepted also the death - on August 27, 1981 Valery Kharlamov and his wife Irina driving died in a road accident. On an evil sneer of destiny all his companions on USSR national team were on tournament over the ocean at this time. By the way, Kharlamov`s portrait decorates stands of the Museum of hockey glory in Toronto

to It went only 33 - y year. Christ`s age! But not incidentally God often takes away to himself the best long before, in our opinion, there comes their term ]