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Where to hide a grist? History and psychology of creation of hiding places.

We sincerely hope that actually you have very good family, and the problem of a grist represents purely academic interest. But, as they say, in life there is everyone... Let`s look as where hid mankind throughout centuries of the history.

So, each of us ever tried to hide some thing from others. Children adore hiding toys and secrets in hiding places during games. Adults want to take some place where it is possible to store money, jewelry, letters, photos, documents, and sometimes and larger objects. Happens that at the same time such hiding places to which other intelligence agencies will envy are invented.

Secret rooms and niches, secret passages and manholes accompany mankind throughout history. Since the childhood the secret door from the room of the father Carlo in magic theater which was skillfully hidden by the picture painted on a canvas is known to us. Ancient European castles teem with secret passages which history goes back to an era of prosecution of Catholics to which at capture the death penalty threatened. In Eston Holle in Birmingham there is a secret room under a ladder which opens if to take aside the chair attached to a wall.

In the German lock Koldits during the Great Patriotic War was a prisoner-of-war camp. The sophisticated system of the alarm system and the number of security guards exceeding the number of prisoners could not stop escapes. One of them was connected with the secret room on a lock attic where captives made the glider calculated on two people. The room was separated from other part of an attic of all - navsy by an easy linen wall with a plaster coat which imitated lock walls. Imitation of plaster was done of the soil which remained at an underpass prorytiya, and a glider - from floorboards of theater of prisoners of war and covers of mattresses.

Russia also did not lag behind Europe, inventing hiding places. So, summer of 1917 when Bolsheviks already almost seized power, the emperor gave the order on export of jewelry abroad. They were hidden in six-one-liter jars from - under olive oil. In total cans there were more than thirty. After execution of an imperial family Bolsheviks withdrew only five cans, the others were gone during revolutionary confusion.

Fondly to think that it is very simple to make a hiding place. Here performance of two conditions is required. On the one hand, it is necessary to have extraordinary thinking and ability to invent. On the other hand, it is necessary to know psychology and the purpose of that from whom you will hide. For example, very forbidden in the car through a post of militia it is the simplest to take something very small and as it is paradoxical, during a round-up at escape of criminals. At this time the militia has too much work to look for something else. Remember how it occurs. On a post you are stopped, check documents. Two hefty OMON fighters approach the car, dart couple of glances in salon, then fluently examine a luggage carrier and release, having explained that they look for the criminal. In this case the militia looks for large subject and on trifle just will not pay attention.

The main tool of the one who looks for it is his own mind. In it its advantage. Because he accurately knows that and what size it is necessary to find. Search can pursue the different aims and is carried out with different degree of care. In many cases of rather small effort to avoid suspicion, and then and revelations. But if someone set as the purpose to find hidden, especially if it becomes officially and with the warrant for a search, then hidden will be surely found.

At the household level it is simpler and simpler. If the husband looks for the hidden alcohol bottle, then flat objects in which it is possible to hide money, he will not notice. The children finding a chocolate will not pay attention to bottles and other capacities with a narrow throat. The wife trying to find the husband`s grist will use methods of social engineering, accurately finding out existence of this grist and possible places of concealment.

For a construction of a hiding place the preparatory work is necessary. It is necessary to know precisely properties of that subject which you hide: whether it can become wet whether it is sensitive to temperature, its weight and volume. And only after that it is possible to start production of a hiding place. Hiding places differ depending on the location and solvable tasks. It can be just free spaces in building constructions of the house or apartment, the hidden cavities in the car, specially made lockers and caskets, hiding places with locks and without locks, with the alarm system, remote control or the coded lock.

The following important point - absolute secrecy. As Muller in the Soviet movie " used to say; Seventeen moments of spring what is known by two, the pig " knows;. Therefore do not trust production of hiding places to anybody. Even if do you repair in the apartment or office good acquaintances all the same nobody guarantees confidentiality of location information of secret places. Therefore before getting to work, well think over what you are going to do and especially - need of this work. Really the grist is so necessary for you?

Having made a hiding place, right there forget about it until it is not required to you. To brag very silly reliable the place before friends and acquaintances. Accurately limit a circle of people, knowing about a hiding place. Ideally only one person - its owner has to know about it and to remember it only when the hiding place is really extremely necessary. You should not recalculate money in a grist each hour - they will not increase there, and here the wife will obviously become interested in a potrepannost of a small volume of verses of Yesenin and the risk will just increase to be caught.

In the following articles we will in detail talk about the device of hiding places for grists in the ordinary apartment, the car, in clothes and others interesting places.]