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What massage is?

Massage are a wonderful impact on our body. We love massage.

Most often it is done to adults, but it is useful also to children.

Massage belongs to active lechebno - to preventive methods of influence not only on the patient, but also a healthy human body. The technology of classical massage was offered B. A. Shtange in 1889.

Massage is that special devices or the massage therapist`s hands our naked body is exposed to strong or weak mechanical irritation.

There are different types of the equipment for massage: vibration, vacuum, pneumatic and others. But no device will replace strong and dexterous fingers of hands of the massage therapist.

Massages happen the following types: medical, sports, hygienic, cosmetic, self-massage.

Medical massage is appointed only by the attending physician. There are different types of medical massage both toning, and weakening. There is an acupressure - it is impact on a certain sick or healthy body.

Apply massage oils to simplification of massage. At dry massage, without oils, the bigger medical effect is reached, but also the massage therapist should make more efforts.

Massage practically all parts of a body: hands, legs, back, shoulders, face, head.

If you are hurt by the head, it is possible to make self-massage. Having slightly pressed on whisky fingers of hands, mass whisky clockwise 5 - 10 minutes.

The course of massage is appointed different depending on the reason for which it is done. Massage influences the nervous terminations located on all body.

Only the skilled expert has to do massage, otherwise it is possible to cause damage to health of the patient.

Sports massage happens different: hygienic is a daily self-massage before morning exercises; training - directed to strengthening of muscles; preliminary - it is done before competitions for endurance increase; recovery - is appointed for restoration of muscles and elimination of a nervous tension.

Hygienic massage strengthens health, tempers an organism. It is done as in the form of massage of separate parts of a body, and the general massage.

Cosmetic massage is divided on hygienic and medical. Cosmetic massage is done for the purpose of elimination of defects of skin, wrinkles, by pullings up of face skin and area of a decollete. Medical massage is done at fat, porous skin for elimination of stagnation of fat in sebaceous glands.

Self-massage is not recommended to do to people with heart troubles and to elderly people. Self-massage is usually done within sports and medical massage.

Treat methods of hardware massage also a hydra - and pneumomassage.

The hydromassage happens manual (under water) or rain. The patient lies on a couch under a shower, and the massage therapist does massage.

A water-jet shower - massage or as it is called still, dos Sharco, is done in an empty bathtub or in soul by a water pressure.

It is better to do the general massage in the morning after a breakfast. Intensity and duration of massage increase gradually. In the beginning massage is done by 15 - 20 minutes, gradually increasing till 40 - 50 minutes (no more than 2 - x once a week).

If the health worsened or unpleasant feelings from massage appeared, reduce loading or for a while stop doing massage.

After massage it is necessary to have a rest 15 - 20 minutes. If at you it is warm - vascular diseases, then before massage it is necessary to have a rest 10 - 15 minutes too.

Effectively to appoint massage in combination with remedial gymnastics, physiotherapeutic methods of treatment.

Happiness and health to you! Relax and try to derive pleasure from massage...]