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What struck winter Chicago with?

Laura Li sang the darling of Chicago - the city wild lily having told, generally of its rich literary and musical history. And I want to tell about its sights, about what the tourist can see, having arrived to Chicago for short term.

Me both times were necessary to happen in Chicago twice, at the beginning and in the late nineties the last century in the summer. Summer Chicago which is freely stretched on Hugo - the west bank of Lake Michigan (second-large in system Great North - the American lakes), is very beautiful. There are a lot of magnificent parks, the city very green, not for nothing it call the best for accommodation by the city of the USA. And the longest embankment along the lake reminding the sea surprises with abundance of skyscrapers on the one hand and uncountable yachts of all sizes and types, and also the huge ships which are not conceding by the sizes sea. In Chicago the pier for vessels and is called - Navy Pier - sea mooring. Of course, it is possible to look much more in the summer. And days are longer, and warmly.

But we go to Chicago to a meeting of New year that the New Year`s Eve was with the snow which is not in Texas at all. Though Chicago lies by 41,5 degrees of NL, approximately on one parallel with Barcelona, Tashkent, Baku, the winter is much colder here as the city to the North is open for the Arctic mass of air. And once winds blow from the Arctic, at once temperature sharply goes down. Here and this time both Moscow, and St. Petersburg met New, 2008 at above-zero temperature and absolutely without snow, and in Chicago from December 29 to January 3 there was enough snow, and the frost fluctuated from-3 to-13 degrees. For us it was just pleasure, to feel a snowball under legs and easy frost.

As well as in the majority of the cities of the USA, in Chicago big minus is the poor development of public transport. There is a land subway, bus service here, but all this is very inconvenient, without car it is hardly possible to see a lot of things. And to park the car in the downtown it is problematic. The existing parkings very expensive, for example, the parking around the museums and the Aquarium costs up to 20 dollars for an hour. So our friends simply threw we to the downtown, were landed, and through certain time taken away. What most was pleasant in winter Chicago?

Well, first of all, remarkable park Millennium in the center of the Downtown, near the bank of the river of Chicago, created quite recently, by 2000. Park small by the sizes, it strikes not with green plantings, but unusual sculptures. And the most surprising construction - a mirror drop of the huge size, I think, not less than 20 meters in the diameter, made of the polished steel in which the Chicago skyscrapers and crowds of the walking public are reflected. Never it was not necessary to see similar anywhere.

Absolutely close from Millennium there is one of the main sights of Chicago - Wonderful mile the street with skyscrapers to 100 and more floors and the most expensive shops. For Christmas on trees along this wonderful mile hang out more than one million multi-colored bulbs, the highest fir-tree in the city is established here. Everything sparkles, is poured, creates feeling of a holiday.

Chicago strikes with abundance of temples of different religious faiths. While we from the suburb Despleyn went to the center, I on the third ten lost count of these Catholic churches, Lutheran Lutheran churches, Protestant, orthodox, Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian churches, mosques and synagogues. All have enough place, all exist in a consent with each other. Perhaps for this reason, in Chicago one of 9 temples of all religions of Bakhai existing in the world was built? This very beautiful, striking with greatness construction standing on the hill.

Something involuntarily this temple reminded me the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow, not architecture, namely greatness. In the temple it is forbidden to photograph, unfortunately. But believe what there beauty, silence and a pacification! People come there not only to excursion, and just to sit inside, to reflect on life and God and to meditate. In more detail about religion of Bakhai, the youngest of revelation religions, I think to tell in separate article.

The following temple which at me stands in eyes still and struck the most of all rest - it is the temple of Hinduism of BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir unfortunately, could not translate the name into Russian. It both temple and museum, and educational center at the same time. For myself I called it " at once; eighth wonder of the world or Taj Mahal in Chicago. Probably, in the summer all this will look it even more beautiful, around the temple - the palace fine park with a set of sculptures, fountains, flower beds. It is the real masterpiece of the Indian architecture!

The temple is built quite recently, in 2004, of white Turkish limestone and the Italian marble. About 7000 tons of this material at first were brought from Turkey and Italy to India where within 16 months hundreds of Indian masters - carvers of a stone created unique stone laces and sculptures. Then all this was delivered in Chicago and on pieces is collected. Such surprising construction turned out here. My poor language not in forces to describe all beauty of the temple, especially its internal furniture. Inside, as well as in Bakhai, it is not authorized to remove so take the word - differently as the wonder of the world, you will not call, it should be seen!

Well, and on the eve of New year, on December 31, thousands of chikagets and tourists direct on the sea mooring - Navy pier huge center of entertainments. There is a Children`s museum, various attractions, an indoor ice rink with a huge fir-tree and different Santa - Klausami, a set of shops, restaurants, cafe, bars, big modern movie theater, two magnificent galleries of stained-glass windows. Moorings have pleasure crafts of the different sizes moored for the winter, they are used as restaurants and banquet rooms. Exactly there was also our meeting with Laura Li what we were very glad to and though time was at us very little, sat together in the small bar and talked.

The main show on the eve of New year for the sake of which many come here, - fantastically beautiful fireworks which happen at 19 o`clock. It is very good, many can look at it and then come back home to a holiday table. At midnight fireworks are carried out to Chicago once again in the downtown at the enormous fountain as well as in each of suburbs. But these fireworks are incomparable. In the dark sky over Lake Michigan flashes of rockets draw different figures, quantity of volleys we could not even count, so it lasted long. And the soft New Year`s snowball was on a silver platter, covered the earth, as if paved the way to young New year!

Here winter Chicago will remain it in my memory. I wish all who will have an opportunity to visit this amazing city.]