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Than this kind stone - amber is good?

Amber - the beautiful name!

Amber call fossil pitch of mainly yellow, red, brown and white color. Age of amber of 35 - 140 million years.

Can quite be that amber - one of the first semi-precious stones which ancient people used as jewelry and in the medical purposes. In any case, it was often found in cave parking of the ancient person and in neolytic monuments.

Many myths and legends are connected with an origin of amber. Its origin for ancient people was shrouded in mystery. For example, Arabs claimed that amber is the hardened dew which fell from heaven. Greeks considered that it is the hardened tears on the died Phaeton - the son of god of the Sun.

The name amber - ambre Romans took from the Arab language. Germans call " amber; bernstein - distorted combustible stone because amber easily burns, burns with a beautiful flame with a pleasant smell. Similarly and Ukrainians call " amber; burned stone or burshtin .

Greeks called amber an electron or elektriumy, such is the name of a star from constellation of the Taurus. On appearance so warm amber, as well as a star Electra.

Homer in To the Odyssey mentions amber three times. Headdresses of the Egyptian Pharaohs were decorated by amber. In a crown of the Roman emperor Neron there was also this stone. In general during Neron`s era trimmed with amber country houses and pools.

In 600 years BC the famous Ancient Greek philosopher Thales Miletsky described presence of electrostatic properties at amber, and to this circumstance we are obliged to emergence of the words electricity and " electronics;.

There is an opinion that the Old Russian name of " amber; a mythical stone - a stone or latyr also occurred from Greek electron .

Later the name " was fixed in Slavic languages behind amber; " amber; by analogy with Lithuanian gintaras (from the word gint - to protect). Latvians call " amber; dzintars .

Fields of amber are scattered worldwide, but most of all it in Baltic and in Dominican Republic.

The most widespread - the Baltic amber, but also amber from Ukraine and the coast of the North Sea is known. The most large-scale deposit of amber in Russia is in the Kaliningrad region.

It is possible to find amber just going on the seashore. The biggest piece of amber found on the bank of the Baltic Sea weighed 12 kg. In total for all history of finds of amber no more than ten pieces weighing over 5 kg were found. In 1862 during a storm the Baltic Sea cast ashore nearly two tons of amber.

The Sicilian amber (simetit) more softly Baltic, in it there is no amber acid. It has fine ornamental properties. The Sicilian amber can be blue and violet. Seldom black amber meets. Also pink and red amber is rare. There is amber very motley, so, that it is even difficult to tell what it colors.

Valuable property of amber - transparency, ability to pass light beams. Amber of such look is suitable for production of minisculptures. As a result of oxidation transparency of amber decreases. Opaque amber is clarified by boiling in linseed oil and calcinating. Bubbles during boiling are filled with fat and begin to pass light.

Amber in ancient times not only was clarified, but also painted in different colors: blue, green, red, yellow.

Amber - perhaps, the most available and beautiful stone. Products from amber are inexpensive presently, and can buy them everyone.

Salutary properties of amber are well-known. Amber positively influences a spleen, heart, a thyroid gland. Amber kills pain at a teething at little children.

The smokers using mouthpieces from amber consider that they reduce risk of a disease of lung cancer. The Polish amber vodka well treats quinsy.

Amber well kills a headache. Stroke amber near a sore point counterclockwise and in 10 - 15 minutes - pain will cease. Amber softens impact on the person of weather changing and magnetic storms.

In light-yellow and dairy - white amber there is amber acid, it also possesses curative properties.

Amber clears up thoughts and helps to solve concrete plans. Wear a beads, bracelets, ear rings, beads from amber, and your life will become brighten and it is better!]