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What life without pan? And almost any!

the First days in Israel. Rented apartment, bought a furniture set (salon, beds, kitchen), the refrigerator. A little bit ware received as a gift from the seller of furniture (as if a makeweight to a kitchen set). Naturally, all from the second hands, but it is possible to use. And it is rather cheap.

Looked round. There are no pans. The owner of the apartment gave something for cooking, but it is not enough. There is no frying pan too. - it is few money. Since a half-month if it is no more, suffered, money did not appear yet. Then I went to the market and bought a set of the cheapest pans - aluminum (on my Jewish happiness, the big did not have a cover, and the market far )

This set gradually was replenished: there was an enameled pan, something else on a trifle. Well, life was equipped. But Always there is a wish for something convenient, whenever possible - beautiful. And it is unambiguous - available at the price. In shops of these goods - be filled up. And to buy - as if the hand is not raised, expensively. Though it is beautiful!

At last, the set of pans met: stainless steel, bottom puff, form pleasant. Shines as a strainer for tea leaves in Ostap Bender`s hands! Hurrah, bought! Tried - and there is already a wish not just to prepare - there is a wish to create! And (it is important!) covers were from a stainless steel, lungs too. It unlike those sets which we saw earlier - they had glass covers.

The glass cover is as if more convenient - all from above is visible to me but weight! And then it is necessary to be all the time on the lookout - not to break!

Ten were happy years. In passing small shortcomings became clear: privernuta buttons to covers screws which during operation the rust ate at all. Buttons fell off. Those buttons that escaped in fight against a rust, suffered when falling covers on a floor. Too fell off. Handles of pans - burn, it is necessary to watch all the time that the flame did not concern them. Well, again there is a desire something to buy new.

But trade already advertizes new series, very much even attractive. And once we receive the invitation to the presentation of pans of " firm by phone; Zepter . Went, listened. Impresses. Especially price: three subjects - 3000 dollars.

Houses went to the Network, looked at firm. Known, with the extensive range. But somehow we to it did not ripen yet - we did not begin to buy this remarkable (without exaggerations!) ware (by the way, Andrey Makarevich in the " broadcast; Relish prepared everything in ware Zepter ) .

And the requirement - remained! And - about pleasure! - there is a set similar tsepterovsky, but for 130 dollars. Ordered (on advertizing). Received. Also we use an old set. And it despite profitability and as if convenience of use.

For what all these stories? It turned out that the weight of pans - one of the most critical indicators in kitchen. The second - a form of handles: handles have to be zaovalena, otherwise they cut hands. For this reason new pans did not replace old.

I generally wanted to tell at least a little about pan history in general, and history of my house pans turned out. The reader, forgive, but I think that my bitter experience will help you to make a right choice!

By the way, there are several websites on which the most various stories and stories about pans are published. Including, and what discomfort the person and what extreme to reach if he has no pan can feel.

A Story was told by my friend Ayman. He is Syrian, but studied in Ukraine.

In the beginning they with other students from the Arab countries arrived to Donetsk and learned Russian there. It was to year so in 1990, and as you remember, there were problems with everything, including ware.

Stolovsky feeding was not pleasant to them (to students of other nationalities too) therefore they decided to acquire kitchen utensils and to prepare independently.

Were twisted on shops, either pans, or frying pans, nor other anywhere. And went as you understand, crowd as on one it is still frightening, do not know language, customs too. And suddenly they were abruptly lucky. Came into shop and saw pans. Normal, somewhere on 2 liters, white, with a cover, only for some reason the handle one. Well, all on pleasures bought on one.

Now present a picture: on the central street of Donetsk the group drives happy as elephants, Arabs, about 20 people, and at everyone in a hand... chamber-pot. ]