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for several weeks in mass media are exaggerated a subject: Dmitry Medvedev`s promotion to the top post of the state. I want to touch upon this subject also. Let`s try to analyse chances of the candidate from the party “ United Russia “ to become the president, and we will address not only the obvious facts, but also non-standard.

I so, on the elections which took place recently in State. Thought “ United Russia “ gained more than 50%. As Medvedev is nominated by this party, not modest will be to assume that the people who gave the vote per lot of the power will vote also for this candidate. Supported Dmitry Anatolyevich as candidate for the top post of the state and current president of Russia. It is known that supports Putin and “ Just Russia “ therefore, Medvedev can count on 7% of voices, voted on December 2 for " so much; Members of the party “Just Russia“ “.

One of the most beloved characters the Internet of community was and today remains - Medved. Phrase: “ Prived Medved “ for certain more than once rushed on your hearing. As you know, one of emblem components “ United Russia “ - A bear therefore a quantity of voices on last elections to a moneybox of the present party in power was brought by Internet users. Today`s tricks of Internet surfers in " style; Prived MEDVEDEV “ it is thought to me, will bring wide popularity to Medvedev.

Still is also an informal sign that Medvedev can become a president. If to address history of governors of Russia, then heads of our state alternate as it should be “ Bald - hairy “. Let`s remember Mikhail Gorbachev who cannot brag of a head of hear. After it on a post, there ascended Boris Elitsin. I think, you remember as the situation with hair was at it. After the top post of the state Vladimir Putin whose hairdress on existence of hair you can analyse headed. Therefore logically, not the baldish person has to become the following president of Russia. That`s it under this sign Dmitry Medvedev approaches.

A little at whom raises doubts that Dmitry Anatolyevich`s chances to win elections in March, 2008 approach 90%. Understand it and many eminent persons of the country, each of which considers a duty to tell something flatter to Medvedev. But anyway, now we can guess and build forecasts only. Time to all the judge, it will show whether there were my forecasts standing or so, nonsense of the young madman, it will sort things out.

Vladimir Zykov]