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How to earn by means of domain names on the Internet?

For a start I will explain that such the domain . This name on the Internet attached to a certain IP address. You can gather 180. 204. 8 or more beautiful name ya. ru and you will get on the same website. The same website can have a set of domain names. There are domains primary, such as *. ru *. com and others, are secondary - *. com. ru . You can get to yourself a name in a network for a certain payment. The domain name through the intermediary - any website which trades in domain names is got. In this article the speech how by means of domain names it is possible to earn money will go.

For a start it is necessary to understand that you will not earn without investments kopek , and, therefore, if you have $ no 10 for registration of one domain name, then you should not read further. So, several ways of earnings by means of domains will be described further.

Way first : You registered the " domain; moi. ru further it is necessary to park it on the parking is a specialized website. Having registered on such website, you receive two IP addresses which you enter in settings of your domain. Now at the moi set. ru will open the website on which there will be a lot of advertizing on a certain subject. If the user clicks on the link, then will pass to other website, and to you money will be enlisted. There are both Russian parkings, and foreign. On foreign pay more.

That you had casual visitors who will earn to you money, it is enough to banish your domain on 3000 catalogs, it becomes in 2 hours by means of the special website that the most important - is free. So, expenses from $1,5 to $20 - for registration of the domain. From $0 to $4 - for run according to catalogs. For 1 year your domain will be able to start working more than $20, approximately for $2 a month. These figures which are not invented it is the average sum on 20 domain names for 1 year. Using this way, you will be able to pay back the cost of your domain, and also to earn a little. For example, having invested $100 (10 domains for $10), for 1 year you will earn $200 that will increase your means twice, and it does not have a limit.

Way second : You can register domain names and resell them at the secondary exchange. So, for example, having registered the domain for $20, you will be able to sell it from $20 to $2000000. It is possible to combine the first and second way of earnings. What, undoubtedly, will increase your income.

Way third : It is necessary to find the person who wants to create the website, such people it is a lot of - young and talented, but the poor. Usually they have no money to register the domain and to buy a hosting, but you receive free of charge the maker-up of the website and the person who will advance your domain name. The risk is minimum even if at the person nothing will turn out, you will be able to park the bought domain and to return invested funds. The most favorable option is to agree with the person who already has a website and he pays a hosting, only the website name it wants not the second " level; *. com. ru and the first - beautiful moy_sayt. ru/. The main thing, do not give the password to the domain, do all.

Way fourth : There are special partner websites. With their help you will be able to create to yourself practically any website: about work, with tests, a file hosting or electronic shop. It is created free of charge, it is possible to attach your domain name to it. And earnings are much higher here, than $2 a month.

Each of these ways can be used at the same time or in turn. For example, in the beginning to park your domain and to banish according to catalogs, for half a year it will pay off. Further you will use way number 4 and in the end of the year will sell at prime cost. I wish you success in this quite simple business.]