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Woman`s share (open letter) of

My dear, Little sister.

I am glad that you successfully you marry Dashenka.

You ask me honestly and to frankly make the analysis of your relations with Fedor and to help to understand the reasons of your family... fiasco.

Well, well, - listen, but only without offenses and do not carp at words, I mixed nothing, - everything costs on the places put by it.

Accept a valerian, - you never know... that.

It is remembered to me, you married the beautiful guy with the head and hands, and not poor.

Though you as on me, - even at that time did not differ in special appeal.

Nearly eight years you with Fedor (from your words) were the happiest couple in this world.

... so far your mummy (together, forgive, - with a copper of your and her girlfriends), not educated you and not set to you as it was expressed, - to the gloomy silly woman brains relatively worthy relations to blessed.

They convinced you, excuse - the silly woman that the place of the man - at the wife under a heel that he by all means should be fooled and milked, using female features courses and tricks.

(in my opinion, as a rule, - evil-smelling, and even mean, - these yours... features ) .

we continue: Bang to give out only... as a favor, - that kept at a distance, but it is better, all - - on barter.

That the man should be held on short lead to take away from him cash and clearing settlement and, as required (or - at insistance) - to arrange to it brainwash prevention of the relations scenes hysterics, attacks...

I as much as possible to take it under the control.

I.e. babsky kodlo taught and pushed you to malicious actions in the relation, before - the beloved husband.

To them, for worthless and ill-fated babarikha, seemingly, - it felt ill at ease, because, that you with Fedor had normal relations. Them, mean, wild envy gnawed, and they could not calm down, will not make of you the same moral freak yet, as well as they - greedy, foolish and spiteful... to a bough, sorry - to a gorgon.

And you, - the silly woman, after short fluctuations, followed their tastes and accepted to execution offered by idiots - the idiotic plan of malicious actions, on... to a domestication beloved husband.

You as the last idiot, agreed to do the EVIL, to the person idolizing you - to Fedor loved by you.

Well, - you (at the beginning mean experiment) tidied up Fedor to hands and what you it achieved?

Fedor the man clever and he quickly enough thought, - from where cold blew softly.

He suffered nearly one and a half more years your nonsense in yours... new quality and unsuccessfully tried to persuade you to restore the normal relations in a family before.

Appealed to your conscience, morals, asked to regret your children... at - go - va - ri - a shaft you.

Even sent you to Hawaii to vanish, and later presented to you amazing on beauty Hondochka. But everything turned out

vain - you remained unshakable.

Moreover, - after these gifts you, - the silly woman, it is even more incurred like that brainless and ill-fated Old woman with a trough full of holes.

You, as bewitched greedy, envious, spiteful and malicious... girlfriends, - itself turned in same, as well as they... the idiot, also did not listen to Fedor`s arrangements, and continued to destroy a family.

You, as well as many modern daughters-in-law / idiots from the cheerful sun turned in greedy, foolish and spiteful... the swine who tried to dictate the terms in others house - to All natives, sorry - to Fedor`s relatives.

Even children first turned away from you, - silly women, and costed you big efforts, by arrangements, lie and blackmail, - to povenut them facing itself. You long had to finish them and to lie, but soul all of them equally remained on Fedor`s party.

They with it communicate with pleasure.

A you, - the silly woman..., you gnaw elbows.

Despite your idiotic transformation, - Fedor did not break, and only after many unsuccessful attempts to restore the normal relations with you, - turned away from you.

Though strongly worried and suffered, even, some time tried to drown the grief (your mean treachery) in vodka. Was on the verge of a heart attack from your mean games .

But children tore off it from vodka and returned it to life.

And after Fedor ceased to give you money, and gave only the alimony for children (children as you never remember, - he, and now, did not offend), you in a voice had iron notes, in a word lexicon - a gendernost, house terrorism... and other, nowadays fashionable, words and expressions inherent... electee .

You, seemingly, having finally gone crazy, - absolutely flew into a rage.

The idiotic transformation, you taught Fedor good lesson, and it as the clever and capable pupil without effort acquired it and made... corresponding conclusions.

And you? - the silly woman, or, incapable it is sober to think, - the intellectual disabled person, took his complaisance for spinelessness, i.e. - having felt the suchyyu the power over the man, got the bit between the teeth and... prophesied to it, - the idiot: - you will come crawling, the freak, and again as a faithful dog you will lick my legs .

Well and what you as a result achieved... chicken?

- remember... The old woman with a trough full of holes.

- remembered?

Well, and is fine, - now you, as well as that brainless Old woman, came to be again... at initial boundaries, - in native at... producer the house,

- whom, speak..., - you pokolachivat... occasionally..., - on a booze.

Thanking to efforts of a babsky copper - you from the normal woman at first turned, excuse - century. insatiable predator, parasite and the swine, and soon after century. the milksop, at... the broken trough smearing snivels on cheeks.

- and rightly, - if decided to live mind... malicious idiots and to follow their tastes.

- now it seems to them, they by all means you... will call the silly woman, but right there - will console and will regret, and will issue the latest instructions, - as..., making use of the previous experience and the same suchyyu the power, - to try to fool the following... beloved .

If at least one fool after the previous events agrees you the silly woman... to be made happy .

As it appeared, - your talents of an oganichena three articles: to wriggle, lie and machinate.

As, however, and at many... tebepodobny... pussies.

After Fedor separated you from... troughs you began it to revenge, to howl, whine and wear it at all intersections.

A for what, is asked, you are it... so?

- he tried for you and for a family, and you, - the silly woman, itself chose the way to woman`s to happiness - as a result disorganized a family and was deserted children.

Thanking to yours, - the silly woman..., to the most severe to the lesson and contrary to your spiteful attacks and mischievous predictions, - Fedor stood and turned into the strong man.

Thanks to you that you began the mean idiotic experiment not at once after combinations as it is practiced by some feeble-minded not news, and later eight (from your words) - cloudless years.

As is not unreasonably considered by a rumor, - with fat was enraged.

I think that exactly here quite appropriate to remind you an Old Russian proverb: - twice the wife is dear: as will enter into a log hut and as will incur .

Quite fair, as for you, - and for some modern lovers - a freebie, the power and gloating.

You remember, what is the time you beluga roared (yes, probably, and now you continue in the same spirit in a cold bed) after Fedor, even before divorce with you, - made the proposal to your younger little sister Anechka.

In my opinion, only because you as twins were similar, - it continued to love yours, - the silly woman, an image.

Anechka was cleverer than you, and, despite your rage, intrigues, intrigues, mean plans and efforts in which you are engaged to this day, and that... your most mean setup, they still live - in perfect harmony. Give

to them God Schastya.

It, Anechke, unlike you, - silly women, thank God, - lives the own way, more precisely too mind, collective - family with Fedor. At it even children take part in a family council.

U it, - clear heads, there was enough mind to construct the friendly relations in a family.

And look you at their children, well exactly - in - exactly behave as parents. And the families, we will hope, will construct on an image of a parental family.

agree, the little sister, - they the decency in the relations to all people around it deserved.

And you, - the silly woman, - whine that... life was not successful that... men of a kazla, freaks, idiots..., well, - to teach you not to me how to lament and that it is necessary to speak in similar to yours cases about himself... to the unlucky person with skukozhenny brains.

U you with envy and desire to play a dirty trick being even the person warps, at a mention at your presence of Fedor and Anechke.

You remember national: - all that evil which we bring to people - by all means comes back, and... not empty-handed .

As though especially for... clever and worthy .

Nobody to you is guilty of it, you chose this... path... - freebies, power and gloating.

As many and many, similar to you... unlucky persons.

The only thing that wanted to be added... what you will leave behind. you made

of the Husband unfortunate, children were deserted, itself is dissatisfied with in what you were engaged also what reached - so for what you lived in this world.

Also it is not necessary to lament and tell tales of a female share, you are it... you create. It is necessary to lament the lake. female brains.

Forgive, - if che not so. You itself asked

- frankly.

At Dasha, we will hope, normally there will be relations with Andrey if you do not begin to interfere.

God grant to them Happiness. Write

if... che.

Alexey mestor@ukr. net

author of mailing: Carefully! - Bitch!

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