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What to do if aches joints?

Hardly begin wet, cold, generally, nasty weather, people begin to suffer from very unpleasant pains. As speak in the people: - aches joints . From an illness of joints nobody is insured - neither adults, nor children. It is an illness does not spare anybody.

If, waking up in the morning, you cannot move fingers or bend a hand in an elbow - it a state call morning constraint of joints. Severity of a disease is determined by that, the sleep what is the time lasts.

From where this illness undertook, scientists still authentically did not find out. Most of experts inclines to opinion that this autoimmune disease. It means that under the influence of some unknown factor the organism begins to develop the antibodies attacking connecting tissue of joints. And by that they destroy articulate a cartilage. Such inflammation of joints is called arthritis.

Arthritis usually becomes aggravated during the period fall - winter, in the spring - in the summer usually the illness recedes. Arthritis from weather changing, overcooling or an overheat, but especially from a nervous tension becomes aggravated.

Not really heavy stage of an illness treat nonsteroid anti-inflammatory preparations - aspirin and preparations of its group, and also diclofenac, an ibuprofen and newer tselekoksib, nimesulidy. There are also more abrupt preparations, but they should not be accepted without appointment of the doctor. It is also not necessary to be under a delusion that these drugs will cure you. They will only partially take off pain.

If you want to be in shape and not to allow an illness to prevail, accept several councils:

Whenever possible always you keep joints in the warm. Buy or connect warm gloves and elbow pieces. Warm joints, especially before going to bed.

Going to the street, put on more warmly. If do not have problems with vessels and blood circulation, take before going to bed a hot bath. Hot water well warms up joints. Visit of a sauna or bath is also useful if you have no heart troubles. In these institutions you not only will well warm up joints, but also will be able to clear skin and to bring together with then out of an organism slags.

Under the influence of heat you strengthen the organism and immunity. And hot air will help you to get rid also of catarrhal diseases.

Eat properly! In your diet. In the winter the organism needs more calories. But be not fond of greasy food not to gather extra kilos, and that at you will appear one more problem - excess weight. Eat more vegetable products, meat, fish.

Do physical exercises , at least 15 minutes in day. Do gymnastics. Roll legs everything that your imagination, for example, an empty bottle allows. Toes too something touch, for example, balls or balls. Develop motility of fingers of hands and legs, unbend and bend fingers. Do not allow them to stand.

Avoid stressful situations, a nervous tension!

Try to observe a day regimen as far as possible. you Sleep not less than 6 - 7 hours a day. Exclude a sleep debt! It is the main infecting agent.

Use anti-inflammatory ointments on the basis of a zhivokost and diclofenac.

Be not ill and be happy! The main thing in life is health, and it should be protected!]