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How to prepare excellent chebureks?

the Dictionary say that the cheburek is a flat pie from the fresh test with a mutton stuffing and hot spices. The cheburek appeared long ago, one may say, probably that it was always. It seems, it came to us from Central Asia. Simplicity of preparation always made it available in public catering, a fast food. Long before the McDonald`s extended nowadays. It at least once yes was tried in the life by everyone. And as it is possible to pass by the real cheburek. It is juicy, it is tasty! He is a podzharist and hrustyashch! It is so fragrant that you swallow of saliva at distance. And with desire hold it in hand in spite of the fact that it expires the juice directly to you on clothes!

Attention! Do not buy chebureks in doubtful places. It can be dangerous to your health. Prepare house chebureks. Especially as it is not difficult at all.

At first make dough. Take four glasses of flour (glass volume - 250 ml), 1. 3 glasses of water (~ 320 ml), one tablespoon of vodka (it is possible also without vodka), one egg, two tablespoons of vegetable oil (it is possible any oil, fat), a half of a teaspoon of salt.

You will boil water with salt and oil (oil gives to ready chebureks characteristic puzyrchatost ) . Immediately make in it a half-glass of flour, trying to stir lumps, and let`s cool down (zavarivany parts of flour dough soft and plastic does). Add egg and vodka (it is possible without vodka, but in my opinion, with vodka it is better), mix (egg raises puzyrchatost and test durability, reducing plasticity and softness a little). Gradually adding other flour, knead dough. Dough should not stick to hands if sticks - add a little more flour. Let`s stand not less than one hour (it is possible longer). In the course of a vystaivaniye you peremesit once.

While dough is drawn, make forcemeat. Take seven hundred grams of meat (mutton, it, of course..., but any meat or mix is possible, it is desirable that pork or mutton fat not less than 1/3), about three hundred fifty grams (half it is less than meat) onions, a half-glass of water, Meat ideally, has to be melkorubleny, but it is possible to pass, of course, via the meat grinder. Cut onions thin half rings, you remember it a tolkushka with salt, pepper and spices, put in forcemeat. Add a half-glass - a glass of kefir which, except flavoring colourings, possesses wonderful property to connect crude forcemeat (forcemeat does not spread) and to give liquid to a ready-made product. Well mix everything.

It is desirable to undress dough without flour, on the surface oiled by vegetable. Divide dough into balls of the size of a ball for table tennis, roll in flat cake 1 mm thick. Spread out forcemeat a thin layer (slightly more thickly than the test) on one half of flat cake, cover with the second half and you stick together edges, squeezing out air (otherwise will strongly swell). It is possible to roll on edge edge of a saucer and to check that on a seam there were no tears or cracks.

Fry in a pan or a frying pan on well warmed vegetable oil, having waited until oil well heats up, from two parties on average fire, without covering, to zolotisto - brown color.

The cheburek is of course pie with a mutton stuffing, but I will open for you a secret. Excellent chebureks turn out with a cheese stuffing. Spices, in this case, depend on quality of cheese and your taste. It is possible to add a thin slice of tomato, fresh greens to cheese. Cheese firm needs to be rubbed on a grater, to spread out processed cheeses thin slices.

And in general, it is possible to dream up with stuffings. I assure you, it will be tasty!