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In what harm of beer, or democracy on pouring . Part 2.

Are unconditional, harm from beer is obvious. Harm is even from nonalcoholic beer. For example, cases are frequent that at the people having alcoholic dependence the next hard drinking begins with nonalcoholic beer. Thus, how tried to hide it pivolyuba, they drink beer not for the sake of taste, and for the sake of alcohol. Though many fans of beer neglect nonalcoholic beer under that pretext that at it taste is worse. The group of university of the State of Virginia decided to verify this statement in practice. As the alternative to nonalcoholic beer was used the popular brand of beer containing 5,7% of alcohol. The test revealed that participants of the test could not define precisely what beer contains alcohol.

Today from all directions it is possible to hear about curative qualities and properties of hop, but, unfortunately, whatever curative properties were attributed to it, its pitches inevitably do the harmful serious work.

But is dangerous not only hop, so, for example, some firms - producers of beer for increase of foaming add to beer of compound of cobalt. Being chemical analog of calcium, cobalt takes its place in a cardiac muscle. However cobalt cannot execute functions peculiar to calcium at excitement and reduction of a myocardium. It promotes decrease in sokratitelny ability of a cardiac muscle, increase in volumes of heart and so-called heart failure.

Some sociologists consider as the real plague of the 20th century not AIDS or hepatitis, namely beer alcoholism at all. Beer alcoholism constitutes special danger to women. At them frustration of a regularity of a menstrual cycle can be observed. In proportion to the drunk beer the probability to develop cancer of chest gland grows. Not to mention that at a fine half of mankind alcoholism develops quicker, than at men. Besides, it is dangerous to drink beer to mothers raising the baby. The kid can have also an epilepsy over time.

And as all talk on advantage of beer and about the vitamins which are contained in it, is asked by you. Yes, of course, in beer there are also vitamins. Vitamins arrive generally from malt, vitamin-rich groups B. However in the course of beer preparation concentration of vitamins inevitably decreases. Thus, the use of qualitative beer with the maximum concentration of B1 vitamin is capable to provide 100% of daily need for this vitamin provided that you drink 10 liters a day.

From malt mineral connections also come to beer. At biologically significant quantities in beer there are ions of potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sulfur and chlorine. Beer differs from wine in the high content of potassium. It should be noted that at the massive use of beer excess intake of potassium and water sharply increases formation of urine and strengthens allocation by kidneys of sodium and chlorine, bringing in a result to demineralization of an organism. On the content of calcium (about 80 mg/l), magnesium (about 80 mg/l), phosphorus (about 140 mg/l), and also iron, copper, zinc and others which contents does not exceed 1 mg/l beer does not differ in particular advantages.

By the way, the beer use sharply reduces labor productivity. Really, well, which of us did not feel weakness and drowsiness after a beer small bottle? Absolute majority! Though for everyone there is the sleepy dose of » beer; but what to do nothing not hunting after several drinks of this ancient invention of Egyptians is unambiguous.

Perhaps, you should not so condense clouds over beer! All of us perfectly know about harm of alcohol since the childhood, but sometimes so there is a wish to indulge himself with this unforgettable bitterish taste again and again. But moderately, again - it is necessary to notice.