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What is kinesiology?

Literally in translation from Greek kinesiology are a science about the movements. But this definition does not open the essence of the surprising direction which is softly curing and relieving of a set of diseases and illnesses.

A little history

the Ancestor of kinesiology. He for the first time noticed that the same muscle can have different power force, becoming strong, weak without the visible reasons. The science which is based on complete approach to the person grew from this supervision.

In 1972 Gordon Stokes and Daniel Uaytsayt developed the concept, having called it Rub in one emphasizing unity of a body, reason and spirit in harmonious and healthy life. The main method of inspection in the called concept - muscular testing a certain muscle - the indicator on detection of stresses and, respectively, correction and restoration of all levels and power of the person.

Having appeared at the beginning of 60 - x years, the system extended among the American doctors and manual therapists. Now George Gudkhard heads the international college of Applied Kinesiology, branches are in many countries of the world, including Russia.

Some important principles

of Kineziologi proceed from understanding that a body of the person - the self-adjusted system, it treats itself by means of immune and other systems. The body does not depend on our consciousness. The main postulate on which applied kinesiology leans - a body knows better than the owner and doctors that it is necessary for it at present that it worked better. When there are failures - the person feels pain. In traditional medicine treatment is based on elimination of pain and discomfort which often is temporary, and sometimes and harmful.

Why muscles?

Already for anybody not a secret that each cage radiates energy, and each part of the body has a certain frequency of fluctuations. Energy which is received by bodies and a brain go through power meridians . It is important that there was a harmony in the movement of this energy. The organism knows what fluctuations are inherent in healthy bodies. Kineziolog communicate with a body by means of muscles which are directly tied with a brain. If it is about health - a muscle strong, otherwise - weak.

Why the person gets sick? Because in life of everyone there is a mass of stressful situations which lead to various consequences in emotional, spiritual, and, therefore, in physical spheres.

It is possible to give a simple example to explain how it is connected with muscles. When report unpleasant news, speak: Sit down because reaction at the person to negative information - relaxation of muscles (faints including).

Why it is impossible just to ask the person? The answer is clear: the consciousness will not be able to give all truth, and the body directly will issue information that where and when it is necessary for it. Often even subconsciousness puts forward blocks at which the person does not wish to change the created situation, itself without understanding it.

From where diseases undertake?

As it was already told by

to b, diseases generate stresses. But, according to kinesiology, each disease has long background. The matter is that our brain writes down all information, beginning even not from the birth, not from the pre-natal period, and from the moment of conception. If there are no negative reactions, then the person is healthy. But it actually does not happen. Stresses at different age are remembered by an organism, and it begins to work with failures which are obviously not notable in the beginning. Over time the body lets know that problems were aggravated, and we begin to treat what is visible. Of course, not always such treatment is not fruitless. Because a lot of things can be corrected, but on it not months, but years will be necessary even. And in, the main, a recovery merit, - in the person, in the correct spirit and in desire to be healthy. Kineziolog help to get rid of an illness, having removed the cause which can be put in the remote unconscious past.

How it works?

it is difficult to b to tell

to the nonspecialist in one article About all nuances. Therefore it will be a question only of highlights. At the beginning of correction it is necessary to adjust an organism, you do several exercises together with the doctor. The doctor defines a priority problem by muscular testing. A lot of things finds the test in your organism: negative or positive charge, your today`s spirit by means of a behavior barometer, the age of a problem etc. is specified. Then begins active part of a session. There are many options, one of frequent - work at the age of a cause of illness when the situation which the brain restores with the help lobno - occipital correction is scrolled. Then this situation improves that is it is mentally lived in positive light. Later there is a fixing (in what way - finds out testing, and there is a lot of ways). There are also house tasks that to fix by exercises finally positive effect. Preparations necessary for your organism are sometimes appointed (generally herbs, vitamins). Also testing shows when to appoint the following correction how many it is required sessions (usually 5 - 7) what it is necessary to work still on. After a session the doctor recommends tranquility and rest within two hours because there is a change-over of many systems of an organism and a brain at the neural level. You should not wait for results after carrying out a course instantly, but within several hours or days improvements are noticed and gradually the problem disappears.

An example from personal experience

Ya got to a kineziolog incidentally. According to the announcement in which did not get a grasp of details came to lecture on preparation for childbirth. At the end to us suggested to pass test. Then we began to work though in the beginning I treated everything mistrustfully, but when my child later after correction turned over two hours as it is necessary before childbirth, - believed. And subsequently more than once asked for the help.

Last time did corrections over my second son (over children till 5 years work is conducted through mother). The quiet child suddenly began to fight, row, be capricious, generally, to behave inadequately. It was difficult to explain all this with crisis of three-year age because he was not yet two years old, and as it lasted long, it was necessary to think of correction of a situation. Besides we belonged to the category of often ill children, there was bronchitis with an obstructive syndrome. With the psychologist - kineziology we sorted our problems and what it was necessary, corrected. After corrections of the kid did not learn in kindergarten, it quietly played, fights disappeared, houses of the relation became former. And now, in the period of epidemics, about infinite cough we forgot. And it was not the only case in our life when such treatment worked.

Pluses and minuses to

In order that it was not similar to advertizing, I will tell about minuses this direction:

- recently when kinesiology understood that they cardinally change a lot of things in the person, - sessions became more expensive. That is this treatment is available not to all;

- work is conducted over one problem at one session (some problems, but not always in passing are removed);

- treatment demands time. The session lasts 1,5 - 2 hours, and their frequency fluctuates from 1 day to two weeks. More simply - to take a habitual pill;

- not everyone will believe that by means of simple in fact exercises and actions it is possible to recover.

Pluses systems:

treatment soft;

effective because the cause of illness or problems recovers;

at the same time improves all levels of the person: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual because work is directed to their harmonization;

can be defined by the specified method what drugs really will help and what are harmful;

with the adjusted power the behavior, and, respectively, and the vital principles of the person changes.

Kinesiology costs on a joint of many sciences and the directions: manual therapy, osteopathy, acupuncture, psychology, neuropsychology, traditional and nonconventional medicine. The science actively develops, the centers and schools of kinesiology are created, doctors are in addition trained, putting a method into practice.

Of course, the panacea from all illnesses does not exist, it is only one of ways which captivates what helps to understand the reason of many subconscious problems. And to correct.

Good luck!]