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As it is not necessary to optimize to clean and to accelerate Windows?

often appeal Recently to the author of article to help to restore Windows after next optimization cleanings and accelerations . Therefore it would be desirable to warn against rash actions of overzealous fans to experiment with the OS.

For optimization cleanings and accelerations Windows created many programs: various tviker , boosters , kliner , cleaners of the register, optimizers, defragmentator - nest to them numbers, a name to them - a legion All these programs need to use with care , especially, when business concerns cleanings Register of Windows . If the well-known Norton Utilities and Fix - It in Windows - 95/98 could use safely, then application of these and other similar programs in the Windows XP and Vista often so optimizes system that after reset it cannot be loaded even in Safe mode !

Antiviruses by

To anti-virus bases of modern antiviruses daily add on average about 200 - 500 records therefore recommendations of some authors to update an antivirus once in 1 - 2 month look ridiculously. If you work every day on the Internet, then it is desirable to update an antivirus every day (or, at least, once a week!) . If you work in a local network, then regular updating of an antivirus is not yours headache and system administrator.

Check of disks and defragmentation

Is recommended to carry out check and defragmentation, at least, once a month. Better to do it, in my opinion, by regular means of Windows which not bad cope with it.

The system recovery

is not recommended to disconnect system recovery on the leading disk (see Windows: System recovery - to disconnect or not? ).

The file of pumping

See Windows: how to optimize the file of pumping?

System services

To shutdown unnecessary system services it is necessary to approach carefully. In the Network there are a lot of councils how completely to disconnect these services. If you do not know for what this or that service is necessary, do not disconnect it completely, establish start type Manually .

The user name is noticed by

For a long time that if a user name of the personal computer and a name of the account in Latin (but not on Cyrillics!) even the Russified system works more correctly.

By the way if a user name on Cyrillics, then at installation of any programs the fitter of the program cannot sometimes unpack a distribution kit, and the program correctly is not installed.

The Temp folder Is recommended to have

the Temp folder in a root of the leading disk, it needs to be cleared of temporary files regularly (see Windows: where to arrange the Temp folder? ).

Updating of system

Though updating of an operating system and the applied software allows to increase productivity and reliability of system, it is not recommended to include automatic updating, it is better to keep this process under control and to establish those updates which are really necessary. Before installation of updates do not hope for OS, create the restoration points!

Updating of drivers

Updating of drivers allows to increase productivity and reliability of system. Before installation of drivers do not hope for OS, create the restoration points!]