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In what harm of beer, or democracy on pouring . Part 1. We Will begin

with the fact that beer is an alcoholic drink from natural products which contains a large number of the connections which are formed in the course of oxidation and coming to it from vegetable raw materials. The main components of beer are water (not less than 90%), carbohydrates (2 - 5%), ethyl alcohol (3 - 7%) and nitrogen-containing substances (0,2 - 0,5%). Other components designate as minor.

The majority of us if to remember, did not love taste of beer in the beginning, found it opposite rather. However drinking was perceived as a symbol of a maturity and a maturity. But until the person several times does not force itself to drink beer, he will not learn to estimate its taste.

Here in beer advertizing very much like to mention an ancient origin of beer, traditions of brewing, etc. All this, of course, so! But it is advisable to specify that the beer which is really invented in an extreme antiquity throughout many centuries was drink for common people, for common people (generally because of low cost). Beer spirit in Ancient Rome, for example, struck from slaves and the Roman plebeians. Beer spirit in medieval Europe bore as well from peasants. Up to the middle of the 20th century beer remained drink for the lowest classes, being gradually positioned as the most democratic drink. But, unlike Europe where the spirit of aristocratism remained, we as usual, in a short space of time came to so-called democracy to pouring.

at the same time is characteristic that producers of beer advertizing address all the same spiritual and material poverty again, and the most poor in every sense at us absolutely young young growth: school students, that is, in fact, children.

Of course, beer alcoholism is formed more slowly than vodka. And it is possible, it is just formed more imperceptibly and is deceptive?! For example, in Germany where traditionally use beer, generally suffer from beer alcoholism.

But supporters of brewing adduce arguments day by day that allegedly from moderate doses of consumption of beer health improves. Most often the speech comes about reduction of risk warmly - vascular diseases, first of all, of coronary heart disease at moderately drinking people. However many researches confirm that it only at very small doses of consumption of beer, so to speak, in the medical purposes. Systematic consumption of this most ancient drink of mankind increases probability of development of coronary heart disease, and also increases risk of development of a colon cancer. And it is reliable data of a large number of scientists.

Also supporters of beer claim that the carbonic acid which is contained in it expands capillary vessels of a mucous membrane of digestive organs and promotes faster intake of liquid in blood, and also to appetite improvement. And it, in their opinion, is advantage?! However when beer is quickly soaked up in an organism, it overflows the blood course, at a large number drunk in general there is a varicosity and expansion of borders of heart. Doctors call this phenomenon a syndrome beer heart . If to abuse beer, heart becomes flabby, and its functions of the live motor are lost.

Today the best minds of mankind think not over a question how to save the planet from destruction of the atmosphere and how to protect our children from beer alcoholism. The research conducted by the American center for control of diseases showed that increase of taxes on beer on only 20 cents already led to decrease in incidence of teenagers of diseases, sexually transmitted. Authors of research explain this phenomenon with the fact that binge influences behavior of teenagers, and teenagers under the influence of beer are inclined to enter sexual communications, including with numerous partners.

Though is at beer and advantage. If, of course, tactfully speaks so, unlike vodka, it is impossible to pour in himself in a lethal dose of alcohol. Though on this thanks!

Is in beer and the vitamins coming to it generally from malt, vitamin-rich groups B. However in the course of beer preparation concentration of vitamins inevitably decreases, and as a result the content of B1 vitamin, or a thiamine, makes 0,005 - 0,15 mg/l, and B2 vitamin, or Riboflavinum - 0,3 - 1,3 mg/l. The paradox is that the lack of B1 vitamin is observed at the people having chronic alcoholism. Thus, it is necessary to choose - further to suffer or from a lack of this vitamin, or from alcoholism. However, there`s small choice in rotten apples! Beer consumption, certainly, can provide standard daily rate so of B1 vitamin, important for us, but for this purpose it is necessary to drink not less than 10 liters of intoxicated drink daily.

To drink or not to drink beer is a business especially personal, but you should not rush from one extreme to the other. After the next hard working day or, on the contrary, before a party in the nick of time to remember national truth that everything is good moderately.