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Beauty - terrible force or How in Byzantium struggled with wrinkles?

Fight against aging signs in the history of civilizations began when became possible to live up to an old age. Really - if, for example, in Byzantium time of a hristianization of Russia a half of the population hardly lived till 35 years, for many age not that old age, but also a maturity it was simply unattainable.

Having passed, let us assume, for a forty-year boundary, it was possible already and to begin to worry from - for age changes of skin. Who these were long-living ?

The intellectuals who are whiling away days and years over manuscripts ancient and new, the ascetics who moved away from the world, and emperors (if it was possible to escape in the abyss of palace revolutions) - here professions those who made ranks of the Byzantine long-livers. This old age was not decrepit weakness, but rather just (at least, in the two first cases) wisdom.

To be old - meant, first of all, to be wise. Years umudryat! People of those who are topped with gray hairs - " considered as such wise men; glory crown, as certificate of a righteous life .

Here only women both now, and then, preferred to be famous not for wisdom, but beauty. Gray-haired glory crown to them it was not necessary! Having reached seventy years, she saved face without uniform wrinkle and blossomed young beauty - so, confirming the Byzantine canon of female beauty, the famous intellectual Mikhail Psell writes about the empress Zoya.

Other representative of intellectual elite of Byzantium, John Chrysostom, appears in disgrace in no small measure from - for the fact that affords a sneer at desire of the empress Evdoksiya and her court I will allow to seem younger the years.

Gregory the Theologian and Sinesy Kirensky with condemnation described tricks of women on creation of hairdresses: The Zlatovidny hair shining and shining are laid so that remind a tent or a tower We fatherlike heal those who on temptation another clean and decorate hair artificially and by that offers unsteady souls a bait, we heal the appropriate penance, edifying them and teaching to live modestly - it was told in one of canons of the Trullsky cathedral.

The Byzantine woman had to be young and beautiful. Not for long the Italian Sofia differing in a good constitution, having golden hair, but too high and with the ugly person was an empress. Behind Easter, in front - the Lent so spoke about it, and its marriage was short-term. In general ugly women were doomed to monastic or semi-monastic life, the prospect of a marriage appeared only when idea of marriage political or economic reasons inspired.

Already mentioned empress Zoya made the purpose of the long life care of preservation of own beauty. She was engaged in drawing up cosmetics. From India and Ethiopia brought various medicines under its orders. In its rooms there was the most real laboratory - all the year round braziers burned there, without being interrupted, there were researches and production of grindings and creams, and also aromas.

Not only empresses shifted, trying in advanced to look summer young beauties. In Lorenzo Medici`s Library in Florence the Byzantine medical treatise XI-XIV of centuries remains. It - that also contains data on how the Byzantine beauties struggled with wrinkles.

At emergence of wrinkles, it is reported in the ancient book, it was necessary to grease for days a face with the dry melon crusts soaked in vinegar with addition of a small amount of gum. Then it was necessary to wash up a face with lentil flour.

Helped the Byzantine women with fight against aging of skin of a medicine from the radish seeds soaked in old wine, with addition of bitter almonds.

In a hot season it was recommended to oil skin rose with egg flour and a melon residue. In frosty - oil from lilies or narcissuses. Splendor washing gave to hair them with the flour from a lupine mixed with beet juice. The hair loss was healed, using the medicine which was turning out at long boiling with water of mix of fresh myrtaceous leaves, an incense, rose attar.

At last, about fight with certificate of a righteous life - gray hairs. In black color hair was recommended to be dyed anemone juice. Or vorony eggs. Golden color to hair was given difficult and, in my opinion, by just terrible mix: deposit of old wine, pitch of pine cones, rose attar. It was necessary to cover with this mix the head for three days!

Present beauties are not less diligent, than ancient Byzantine ladies, in maintenance of the beauty. Also are not less inventive! You will look at other star - also you will be dumbfounded. Exactly - in - exactly as the ancient resident of Byzantium. Describing a face of one of beauties, the empress Irina, the writer of antiquity concludes this description so: The one who looked at Irina could not neither turn away, nor continue to look at her .

As speak, Gorgona`s head turned all looking at it in stones, everyone who incidentally saw or unexpectedly met the empress, opened from amazement of companies, in silence remained to stand still, lost ability to think and feel - it already about other empress.

Things are changing - customs are not fated it ]