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How many the snow tire has to serve?

Come nearer the end of winter. In what state snow tires? Whether will serve one more season? Or it is time to throw out their, and by next winter to buy new?

Snow tires can serve also several years if it is from the very beginning correct to operate them. It is desirable to have for them separate disks. In - the first, each perebortovka reduces service life of tires. In - winter tires and disks it is better for pouzha of summer to have the second. Snow tires are good on ice or the rolled snow, and on friable slide, without reaching thorns the firm road. Narrower tires press through fresh and friable snow better. In the third, you saw turns in mountings at the beginning of a winter season? And ready wheels on disks can be replaced most for half an hour.

On new snow tires the first 100 - 200 kilometers need to be passed 60 - 70 kilometers per hour and without sharp dispersals and braking are desirable not quicker. Thorns have to to sit down on the places. And then on studded wheels 100 kilometers per hour are desirable not to disperse quicker and to go smoothly. Both safety will increase, and tires will serve longer.

At normal driving during the winter about 10% of thorns are usually lost. Look at the openings which remained in a tire protector. If they equal and round - your style of driving at height. If are similar to asterisks moreover with the pulled-out edges - it is necessary to change style of driving. Not only for safety of wheels, and and for preservation of the life. Some consider sharp style of driving with pro-slippings by special chic, but it from - for lack of experience. Even autoathletes go smoothly - so more effectively.

On cars with two driving wheels it is useful to interchange the position approximately through 5 - 10 thousand kilometers lobbies and back studded wheels, but without change of the direction of their rotation. That is right back to interchange the position with right to lobbies and vice versa. On cars with the constant full drive of it it is not obligatory to do.

Do not forget approximately once a week to examine tires. At normal driving thorns have to wear out together with the rubber, should not come out from a wheel. A little only the central cores from a firm alloy - they - that act and cling to ice.

At the same time check that on a protector and on a sidewall there were no deep cuts, cracks (speaking about a rubber old age), bubbles (hernias), the sticking-out threads and a metal wire of a design of a cord. Delete the road garbage which got to flutes of tires. Especially you show consideration for nails and other sharp pieces of iron. If they punched the tire through, then air will begin to come out slowly. Close up this hole by means of a special set for repair or address in mounting.

If regularly to examine tires and to look after them, then they will not give you a surprise on the winter road when especially there is no wish to get out of the warm car on the cold and dirty road. Usually at the correct operation snow tires serve about 100 thousand kilometers. The average motorist passes such distance of year for four.

Estimate now, at the end of winter, a condition of your winter wheels. If on the place more than a half of thorns - to you these wheels are enough also for the next winter. If there was less than a half, and a protector still deep - continue to go by these wheels and in the summer until they are erased absolutely, and buy new in the fall. Pleasant and safe to you driving!]