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What was " salad; " Russian salad; and who will try to prepare it?

There now, holiday already behind. A time for work. Even if on an unshaven cheek something stuck, we will wash and from songs we will plunge into labor everyday life.

What could stick to rumpled to a face holidaymaker in a plate of a prazdnovatel? Well of course, the crushed pea greased with sticky mayonnaise or a small piece of a boiled sausage - invariable satellites of present " salad; " Russian salad; around the world called by " salad; Russian .

Probably, famous holder Moscow Hermitage the g - N Lucian Olivier in a coffin does not spin from modern interpretations of the creation. Otherwise, considering popularity and mass character of an ersatz, would already drill a well without any admission on that side of Earth .

Life already wrote about bourgeois recipes of the real creation of the unforgettable Frenchman. More precisely about one of interpretations as the cunning master carried away the exact recipe with himself in a grave. Whom, interestingly, he treats to the delicacies now?

I think, competitors to the talented cook both spoiled during lifetime blood, and tried to find out the recipe, and the delicacy offered public under the untwisted brand. In the war (for the client) - as in the war.

Offered one of such recipes restored by competitors in 1909 Cookbook of Zelenko . On the Internet, by the way, other book of P. M. Zelenko " is better known; Cook art but the speech actually not about books, and about the recipe. Here it:

Two hazel grouses fried, one veal language boiled, a quarter of pound of pressed caviar, a floor of pound of a fresh lettuce, boiled crayfish - two and a half tens or lobsters of one bank, half-banks of pickles, half-banks of soy kabul, two fresh cucumbers, a quarter of pound of capers, five hard-boiled eggs. All this in sauce provansal, on the French vinegar from two eggs and one pound of salad oil.

Yes, a difficult problem for the present hostess. And even not about volume the speech where to take. And what it in general it, for example, pickles? Well, not the famous writer, probably. But nevertheless, that? And what to take banks, on a floor - liter or on three? Let`s try to understand.

There is nothing to deal with hazel grouses and a lettuce, they and can be found today, there would be a desire. With caviar it is simple too. In To the Book about tasty and healthy food Soviet period nearly on each page of the photo of cans of sturgeon caviar on which it is accurately written - pressed caviar. Means, payusny is black, but not red. It is quite enough this knowledge, we will not confuse.

Which - where can be met also pickles today. Sometimes this mysterious word is written on banks with small cucumbers - gherkins. But this modern simplification. S. Voskresenskaya in the volume book Hostess`s friend published in the same 1909 and being those years analog modern Housekeeping writes: Pickles prepare from different greens, pods, a cauliflower, the Turkish beans, onions Charlotte, apples, pears and the melon cut by small pieces, asterisks and so forth Here such here pickles!

Soy in Russia of former years called not a grade bean at all. Soy kabul is a hot sauce. But here from what - options a set. If it is average, then on meat broth parted a tomato - mashed potatoes, spices, vinegar, added cut carrots and onions. Mix was boiled to full softness of vegetables, if necessary added water. Then all rubbed in mashed potatoes and again boiled before obtaining homogeneous siropoobrazny mass.

Well and, at last, provansal. In shop in a plastic bag or a glass jar it was not bought. As well as today is a grade of mayonnaise, but prepared in the house way. The French vinegar in its structure - wine, and salad oil call olive today. Except the listed ingredients added to mayonnaise still mustard powder.

Finally - bank. Tinned vegetables were delivered in the 19th century generally packaged in banks on one pound, seasonings - in semi-pound. For those who forgot, I will remind: the Russian pound is equal 409,5 grams.

Perhaps who will try to prepare? I did not decide. You represent, to find all this and to buy? Expensively and efforts you will not be gathered. So far I will manage pickles, meatless boiled sausage and factory mayonnaise. But if who decides - share result. It is sure, article will turn out the most interesting.]