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Which of academicians was glorified not by(with) odes, but fairy tales?

on January 12, 1628, 380 years ago, in a family of the lawyer of the Parisian Parliament by last name the fourth boy whom named by Charles was born Perrault`s . History, sometimes, presents the inconsistent facts. One considered that the lawyer was a rich person, others insist on his poverty, but the fact that he was not a nobleman, does not raise doubts. As well as the fact that Charles`s father took the hottest part in education of sons and even daily checked lessons when they studied in college at boys. Though it is necessary to do justice and madam Perrault who was to the most educated a woman, and itself taught sons both to read and to write.

And still monsieur Perrault often suited with sons something it seems brainstorming . He dreamed that someone from four went on its feet, and therefore took common everyday story and prepared it by means of children. Someone acted from charge, someone protection, other two children played a role of assessors. And all together learned to think and look for logic in everything, digging out all pluses and minuses.

We do for certain not know, than average children of Mr. Perrault were engaged. But senior and younger glorified a surname in centuries. The first, Claude , was an architect and is known that he became the author of East facade of Louvre . Younger, Charles, by an example of the father became a lawyer at the age of 23 years. And before the boy set efforts both native, and surrounding. The matter is that when to it was not and 10 years, expelled him from college for the fact that Charles at lessons constantly argued.

Business with the fact that Charles did not return to college any more ended, and together with the friend Boren was engaged together at home at Perrault, and on occupations not less than 5 were taken away - ti hours a day, and boys mastered those objects which would teach them in college.

Whether absence of teachers, whether critical outlook on life, but from this, in fact, teenage age Charles Perrault also asked himself the question learned by us from a monologue of Chatsky :

Where, specify to us, the fatherland fathers whose

we have to take for samples?
the young lawyer argued

furiously that it is better to take samples which are among contemporaries, than Aristotle`s who did not know that there is a blood circulatory system of the person or the fact that Earth rotates around the Sun. And not incidentally first poem which 25 - the summer lawyer published in 1653 was called Walls of Troy, or burlesque Origin . the Poem had purely parody character.

To us often bring as an example of laborious literary work 96 - languid human comedy Honore de Balzac . But very few people know that in the second half of the 17th century where big one-volume work of Charles Perrault " had great success; Famous people of France of the XVII century where collected more than hundred biographies of the famous scientists, poets, historians, surgeons, artists of its time.

However, well-known Charles became even earlier, the allegorical poems, odes and literary dispute which imposed to the opponents from whom it by the main thing was Nicol Bualo`s , the author of the treatise Poetic art established laws how to write each work that everything was in accuracy as at ancient writers. Here it was also opposed by freedom-loving Charles as

By the way, it is quite probable that Perrault could and not make worthy career at the palace, but noticed it and very much one of the brightest French of that time - Jeanne`s - Baptiste Colbert considered by the cardinal Mazarini at first as a counterbalance to the chief quartermaster Fuke , and then and the full Minister of Finance appreciated. He had Perrault, as if were now expressed, the adviser in affairs of culture, literature and theater. However, before it served at Jean - Baptiste in tax authority

I Think, not without Colbert Charles Perrault`s influence in 1671 it was succeeded to become the academician. But at everything thus, literary dispute between it and Bualo inflamed much later, how future storyteller was considered in Academy of Sciences as an old resident. Only in 1687 Perrault read the didactic poem " in the French Academy; Century of Louis the Great . before he was known as the author of numerous poems, solemn odes and scientific treatises.

Now it seems surprising, but for the first time Charles Perrault published the fairy tales only in 1697 when he was 69 years old. He, certainly, heard them much, admired them, but sat down at their statement so late. The collection was called Fairy tales of my mother Gusyni, or History and the fairy tale of former times with lectures . It is remarkable that in a year before in the " magazine; Gallant Mercury there was a fairy tale Sleeping Beauty which was not signed.

The most interesting that the academician was ashamed to sign these insignificant in his opinion, works by the name, having put on a cover the author of the 19 - the summer son Pierre Perrault D`Armancour . But the son had not to redden for the father. In the first days of sale of the collection of the fairy tale among which were and Cinderella and Puss in Boots and Sleeping Beauty and Little Red Riding Hood and Asinine skin and The Boy about a finger and Blue beard were bought up very quickly. People liked kind, magic fairy tales to

By the way, along with Paris, the collection was published also in the capital of Holland to the Hague, then Perrault`s fairy tales began to wander also across Europe. In Russian they were for the first time published in Moscow, more than 70 - ti years later, in 1768, in the collection Tales of magicians with morals under names, strange for an our ear: The Tale of the girl with a krasnenky hat The Tale of some person with a blue beard The Tale of the father a cat in spurs and " boots; and so on. And here in Germany part of fairy tales translated and in the literary processing brothers Grimm, but as researchers speak gave, it turned out not all that well, for example, kind The Cinderella, to avoid the competition from the sister, chops off the last a heel the axe! And that truth: why to zaritsya on foreign prince? And he also will not look at the cripple

But that the most interesting, after a release of the collection in Paris, the main literary opponent Perrault - Nikola Bualo publicly recognized the defeat in literary dispute! It is a pity, it happened to enjoy a victory to Charles not for long - on May 16, 1703 it did not become. But for most of children on all planet this 75 - the summer grandfather - the Frenchman who died nearly 305 years ago remains the kindest wizard to this day!]