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How to take the first step to health, happiness and wealth?

Hello friends!

You want to change the life? Naturally to the best. It is sure - you want. And how many times were going to make it? Many times, since the next Monday. And tried? Some tried and sometimes went a little further. And with what it came to an end? Next disappointment? Or all of you - achieved the? And admit to yourself: at the same time many cones filled whether long rejoiced?

You want to try once again and so that on all hundred and without cataclysms? That then the pleasure from result was, but not fatigue and disappointment. So let`s begin in a minute, without postponing. I will help you with it.

At first we will understand the attitude towards the lady by the name of Destiny.

Our soul (the highest I ) chooses, or Karmic hierarches, or still solve as - it is not so important, but the person is born in certain time, in a certain family. Obviously genetic, social and time factors predetermine rules of the game and the game field corresponding to our highest mission in this embodiment under the name life or destiny. A choice is made. There is no escaping fate . And this the first of the greatest delusions!

We often heard also the opposite statement each person creator of the destiny . Alas, seldom we remember it and if we remember, then we do nothing. In our head since the childhood the second greatest delusion got stuck: it is possible to change something in life (destiny) only making enormous efforts and often neglecting morals. Examples before eyes: stars of show business, policy, bankers and other. They that changed destiny, and we will envy and slobber: we are not such strong. Nonsense! To change something in the life, to change to the best the destiny not obligatory to ram a-headed wall at all, to step to itself on a throat, to run roughshod over other`s feelings and so on! It is necessary only to learn to make the Choice correctly!

To the person Prirodoy (God) granted extraordinary big option in the Universe. We in the right to choose anything, the Universe is ready to provide us everything, including happy destiny. As how to choose - here that important. Without knowing laws of a right choice, we arrive with an accuracy on the contrary, then there is a question: for what to us the next troubles fell down the head.

The ways conducting fortunately and to health, it is not advertized by our spoiled society and our religions. But they are and work. And examples of it much. Become interested, wake up, take the first step in the necessary direction!

If you refused the delusions stated above, then you already stepped into the correct way. Hurrah! Followed further, me!

Now let`s analyse the attitude towards ourselves favourite (or at all not to darling?)

Having woken up in the morning with what thoughts you look at the reflection? What freak (urodka)! What blunderer! What silly woman! And many other things something like that. Moreover with heightened sense of discontent, irritation. I congratulate. Since morning a choice, the first in a day, towards refusal of happiness, prosperity and health is made. You heard that the thought is material? And you know that strengthened by sincere feeling, it becomes the unconditional application of the Universe to materialize it? The universe with a regret agrees with you and starts business. And after a while the fatty gains couple of extra kilos of weight, the plain woman has some spots on a face, and the loser is discharged from office. On a materialization of the order certain time, here is required and these poor creatures do not know that only they are guilty of the troubles.

We will not repeat their mistake. First task. Yes, I want to warn. The way on which you will go is easy and fine. But nevertheless it is a way, and to reach the end, it is necessary to go. And to go, the desire and some effort is necessary. You will cease to go - you will not reach, and then whom Lao you will begin to blame? - Zi told: Way empty vessel. But in application it is inexhaustible .

So my darlings be defined, you go or not. If yes, that approach a mirror, tell: hi my good also smile to yourself. Difficult? And it is necessary. Force the person to smile. Let at first it will be similarity of a smile. Pogrimasnichayte, put out the tongue at yourself, inflate cheeks, delay ears aside. Unless it is not ridiculous? Laugh at it. Catch more or mania a natural smile, detain her several minutes, mentally pronouncing: I love you the friend, you the most beautiful, clever and successful around the world, I love you . Do it as often as possible. Remind more often the Universe what you good, will be easier and easier to do it each time.

It is also the first step to health, happiness and wealth.

of Progress. P. Leyman.

P. S. It is possible to get acquainted with other steps of a course of self-improvement on the website Way to Reason and Sil ]