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Let`s give each other pleasure?

All of us want heat and a positive, so why we refuse to ourselves this pleasure? Let`s give each other pleasure!

How many it is possible to frown? Smile! Smile each other and at you the mood will be lightened at once. Smile, and life will buy new bright paints, before you the new horizons will open, you will become light ray for many people. People always reach for the shining person, so give light to people around and to you will return to a hundred times more light!

Communicate! You share joyful news, you share dreams and expectations, support the family, adjust them on a positive wave. And, I ask you, it is not necessary to speak about troubles and troubles, to focus to anything attention on dark tones. Life is very colourful, let`s notice bright paints!

Do each other pleasant surprises! Whether many of us bring to the darlings banal coffee in a bed? And as it is pleasant to find in the handbag a note from the loved one. The presents made with own hands, an unexpected visit of cinema, theater, departure on the nature, verses songs, prose, a romantic dinner, unusual night of love, it is possible to list infinitely! Think of relatives, an attention grain - and how many happiness.

Pay compliments! For some reason many of us got used to pay attention only to minuses. The young woman with the rumpled person meets to us, let us assume, we ask: Something you look shaky, did not sleep? . The young woman is upset more, a positive it is impossible. And why not to praise a hairdress, either a new dress, or its sweet temper? And it is pleasant to you, and at the young woman the mood will be lightened. Besides for certain she also guesses the minuses. Notice a positive, speak about it aloud!

And the very best important - love yourself! Do not abuse yourself on trifles, all of us can be mistaken, notice positive sides, notice progress, praise yourself, you it are worthy! Be in harmony with yourself, receive pleasure from life, in only case when you will be able to please people around, and they will be able to please you in reply!

Let`s give each other pleasure! Agree, it is not so difficult and as far as our life would improve and words not to describe.]