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Than all - Anjelica`s adventures ended?

Roman Anne and Serge Golon about beautiful Anjelica do not need neither representations, nor comments. It is one of the most popular books which is known almost by heart in all countries and by all nationalities. The novel only once, probably, because it is difficult to imagine other Anjelica, except that that was so brilliantly played by Michele (Zhoselin) Mercier was picturized.

Windy, foolish and madly beautiful Michele Mercier presented to millions of the viewers around the world an incarnate image of that Anjelica. Looking at the screen, the majority of them were unanimous: such also there has to be Anjelica. And Michele Mercier on tests had very rigid competition: it would seem what chances at the brown-haired woman Mercier near such famous blondes how Bridget Bardot, Jane Fonda, Monica of Vitya and Catherine Deneuve can be? Originally for a role of the marchioness of angels Marina Vladi was approved, and only the series of accidents gradually brought both creators of the movie, and his audience to that Anjelica to whom we got used.

Premiere of the film of B. Borderi Anjelica is the marchioness of angels in 1964 in Mulen - Ruzhe did not give to Zhoselin pleasure - she understood that now and the countess`s damnation de Peyrac passed to it - to do beloveds unfortunate. It was one more example of beauty destructive, but not creative.

A devil charm of an image of Anjelica which, apparently, merged together with the actress nullified also a cozy family nest with the husband William who in a psychiatric clinic continued to love the magnificent wife painfully and already hopelessly.

No uniform reason for jealousy was given by the beauty and to the following man, but it did not prevent it, having gone crazy from not satisfied suspicions, once to disfigure it a face. The destiny was favorable to the actress, and beauty did not leave it though to return to shootings of the epic about Anjelica, it needed not one plastic surgery and long rehabilitation.

And again Magnificent Anjelica on a screen shone, and love hopes and dreams of madam Mercier fell one by one: happiness neither with the solid politician, nor with the director - the handsome did not turn out. Her last love - the businessman from Europe who died of a brain tumor almost before their wedding - clearly let know it that happiness will not be.

The subject lifeline of Michele Mercier will be and further is full of coincidence to events of the novel of Anne and Serge Golon: the actress will fight back the shah of Iran, prominent politicians will try to obtain her, and once she will practically fall to the bottom of Paris Once to it it will become terrible from thought that the novel about Anjelica is written as if especially for it, and she will want to learn, than it ended. But the novel is not finished yet, Anne Golon still thinks over new adventures of the marchioness, and therefore Michel Mercier trusts in obligatory for similar literature of a heppa - and.

She always wanted that behind its external beauty though somebody uvidat vulnerable soul of the loving and careful hostess of the hospitable house, the reliable and faithful wife and, there is a wish to trust, sometime, the most careful mother in the world. But how was to see her even if of Zhoselin it replaced own name with a name of the died sister Michele because it was harmonious and more beautiful?

Whether from it all its troubles? Or the uneasy karma of the marchioness du Plessi de Belier continued the dirty deed? Or it is old as the world a story about a beautiful toy, having played which, strong men threw out it on boondocks of life?

Once when Zhoselin still danced at ballet school, on one charity concert cut with it pointes and filled in them nails, before the part. Here so she also danced all the life on nails, keeping for the cut tapes. Remaining at the same time inexpressibly fine.]