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Than we treat our children? Part one.

When the child get sick when it has a high temperature or something hurts - and there is a wish to facilitate his state. And hands reach for a saving vial of children`s paracetamol. It is bought in a drugstore, and there bad will not be sold. But whether we are ready to put experiments on own children? I Bought

medicine for the small here. Kalpol is called. All mothers know it. But here that surprisingly. I never especially thought earlier of what is its part. Knew that it is children`s paracetamol and all. And here decided to read. And my head hair bristled.

Here structure completely: paracetamol, sugar syrup, sorbite solution of 70%, glycerin, gum, methylhydroxybenzoate, karmazin 122, the purified water, fragrance strawberry.

Give one after another:

Paracetamol - it is clear - anesthetic, febrifugal, main active ingredient. And in spite of the fact that it has contraindications, and with it everything clearly is for what it was bought.

Sugar syrup - - a ditenka needs clear business sweet medicine that it was not spat. It is quite possible to agree with it.

Sorbite solution - it is already strange. Sorbite - a sakharozamenitel. That is it impacts sweet relish to a preparation. But in a preparation there is already a sugar syrup. Then why sorbite? It, of course is not forbidden, but here some information about him:

Sorbite is applied in many cough syrups and, usually, specified as inactive ingredient. But now there is an opinion that it has to be specified as active as a large number of a sorbitol (about 10 g and more, for adults) can cause zheludochno - intestinal insufficiency.

Sorbitol possesses pronounced laxative action, increasing in proportion to the accepted quantity in an organism. The use of large numbers of a sorbitol, can cause pain, gases (meteorizm) and to be the reason of diarrhea (diarrhea). And can also aggravate a syndrome of the angry thick gut.

That is with sensitive to stomachs the diarrhea is provided to children. Several spoons of syrup in day will quite provide it this effect. And whether it is necessary for the kid who is already sick also diarrhea? And why it was impossible to manage only sugar?

Glycerin - a by-product of production of soap (there is no place to put perhaps it?) . Has sweet taste (but why even more to sweeten already sweet preparation?).

Is applied in production: explosives, skin, paper; as component of antifreezes !, some glues, in production of confectionery and alcoholic beverages (as a food additive of E422).

In principle it is considered safe, but can cause a headache (to the sick child - most that!) besides can make harmful effects on a stomach, heart, reproductive function, sugar level in blood. It can of course on your kid and will not work, but you are ready to put experiments with own child?

Gum - is used as a thickener. On me - it is quite enough sugar syrup for density. Why one more component? Gum happens different: guar, carob tree and others. Some of them are unsafe for children. Besides can cause an allergy. And some in general are forbidden for use. But in a preparation it is not specified what gum it was used. Interestingly why? I do not want anything to hint at. But if the producer speaks And, then he has to tell and B.

Metilgidroksibenzoat - sounds terribly. As far as I in general know - all benzoates (salts and derivatives of benzole acid) are harmful to an organism. I found that it is a part of many preparations. It seems that it is the preservative necessary in order that it was possible to store a preparation several years. Whether but most important it is a component for the sick child? One is clear - it is additional load of his liver and kidneys!

I one more: all benzoates are not recommended to the people having allergic reactions to aspirin. And many people buy paracetamol to avoid these reactions. That is buy a preparation, obviously dangerous to themselves.

Karmazin 122 - a food additive of E122. It is possible to esteem about it here: E122. Karmuazin. It is possible to find some more articles in the Internet. It is forbidden in some countries, but not in Russia! But why the producer puts in a children`s preparation what in some countries is forbidden even for adults?

The purified water - this point raises at me a smile. Yes, to mix all above-mentioned only the purified water is necessary.

Fragrance strawberry - one more smile. :) How without it? The sick child surely needs fragrance for full happiness . The organism struggles with an infection, brings harmful products of an exchange of bacteria and viruses out of an organism, it needs extremely to throw still works for an inactivation of an artificial aromatic additive.

After read the bubble went to a garbage can. Now I will go to a drugstore and I will look for other brand. And I will better buy candles with paracetamol. I just am not able to afford to put experiments on own child! Quite I assume that all above-mentioned passed tests but once and cocaine was considered as a harmless stimulator, formaldehyde was used as a food additive (preservative), and some drugs were considered as quite safe medical supplies. Now they are forbidden. After the many people suffered from them.

I do not want to do a guinea pig of the malyshik. Also I will continue researches of preparations which we, unfortunately, so often use literally without looking . When the child is ill - we are ready to offer much that he recovered. But whether it is necessary to risk its health at the same time? ]